Spare a Sawbuck, Save the World!

I’m the kind of person who tries to be ‘green’ whenever I can. I compost in my backyard, I have reusable totes for my groceries,  and I recycle. I use the right kind of toothpaste, buy non-oil based dish soap, and shampoo my hair with products free of lauryl sulfates. However, I’m far from living “off the grid.” I get overwhelmed by all of the eco-friendly actions I should take, and honestly, I feel like an environmental failure sometimes, because I just can’t fit all the changes into my life.

Enter the non-profit group We Are What We Do. Inspiring people to ‘change the world one small action at a time,’ We Are What We Do allows us to feel good about the little accomplishments and great about helping make the planet a better place to live. Their philosophy is simple:

small actions x lots of people = big change.

I quite like that idea. I can do my part, take all the baby steps I need, and still feel like I’m getting somewhere. However, the equation only works if other people are involved. To inspire some mass participation, We Are What We Do published this handy little guide for making small, inexpensive changes that are easy to implement into our daily lives.

Entitled “Change the World for Ten Bucks,” this brightly-colored  mini-manual includes 50 ‘actions’ to help make the earth a happier, healthier, greener place. Some of the actions are common sense – smile, hug someone you love, learn a joke – but in the context of changing the attitude of the planet, it’s nice to be reminded! There are some other thought-provoking suggestions that I know I’ll be doing: like unplugging my tv and coffee pot when I’m not using them, hanging a clothes line to dry my laundry, introducing myself to my neighbors, and writing to someone who inspired me (using the cute postcard included in the book!).  Full of wonderful ideas that we can easily achieve, “Change the World for Ten Bucks” is a fun way to get started thinking about life in a greener way. So, pick up a copy, and start helping the world with me, one small idea at a time!

What are some of your favorite small-action-for-big-change ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment…


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    Polly 06/02/2009 at 7:58 am #

    I change the world by changing myself. Learning to respond instead of react. Practice forgiveness. Eat better. Volunteer.

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    Brooke 06/03/2009 at 9:20 am #

    i work in a shipping department and i reuse amost all of the packing material and boxes that come in 🙂

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