Summer Reads for Creative Leads

If you’re looking to scratch an artistic itch, these image-rich reads are just what you need to kick off a summer rife with creativity. I’ve put together a miniature, profession-focused guide of page turners, so you can get to stimulating that right hemi of your brain.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER – Our graphic design intern, Ariel, created the killer header above for this post. Had her stream of creative juice run dry, she could have looked to Threadless to urge her current along. A tribute to the global online community of graphic designers at, this visually stimulating collection of T-shirt designs, rad illustrations, and accompanying explanations is one that will surely spur the start of some side projects – you know, the ones you’ve written down, but have yet to begin.

PHOTOGRAPHER – I challenge all of you fabulously snap-happy photographers with your fancy lenses and tricked-out tripods to swap ’em for toy cameras to see what you can produce. Fantastic Plastic Cameras will be your tour guide along the way, giving you pointers on how to make the most of these for-fun flashers to get you thinking outside of the box – or, shall we say, frame.

INTERIOR DESIGNER – Spaces clear of clutter can do wonders for the mind when in a bind for fresh material. Is such the case with creatively designed spaces? Let’s see. Take some tips from Decorate. Featuring rich, color photos and step-by-step scenes, this book will give you a big boost of decorating ideas when kept close for creative comfort.

What creative projects have you been working on lately?

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