The Written Wardrobe: “My Blue Coat”

Sometimes, you’ve just got to listen to your heart. The Written Wardrobe nonfiction piece “My Blue Coat” encourages the reader to do just that.

From Jeanette Lukowski’s “My Blue Coat”:

“Wow, this is a really pretty one,” I said to the kids. They just looked up at me from the double-stroller, being ages four and two at the time. So, hearing no rationalizations of why I shouldn’t, I removed the coat from the hanger and tried it on.

After you read the whole piece, let us know if you too have ever let your heart choose the outfit!

2 Responses to The Written Wardrobe: “My Blue Coat”

  1. MB at Yarn U iPhone app 02/23/2011 at 4:34 pm #

    I like the concept of writing a full story and history of a garment ala “A Dress A Day” by Erin McKean.

  2. Maria Cristina 03/13/2011 at 8:33 pm #

    That’s awsome, it filled my heart with the felling that I can face a change in my life too.
    Maybe it’s a fault, but I always let my heart spend all my money with clothes and garnishment!

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