In London? You Need to Visit This Corner Store STAT

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At first glance, The Cornerstore appears to be a regular London grocery filled with necessities. Look for a moment longer, though, and you’ll notice Lucy Sparrow‘s wares are anything but average. Sparrow’s store is actually a temporary art exhibit with handmade felt crafts modeled after goods ranging from chocolate bars, soda cans, potato chips, candy, vegetables, sandwiches, and toiletries.

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The 4,000 items at The Cornerstore were created with the help of Sparrow’s Kickstarter campaign, additional donations, and her own hardworking fingers. It took eight months to sew all of the products, which are on exhibit in their current location throughout August and also available for purchase.

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“I’ve been taking my sewing with me everywhere I go, which has result[ed] in me sewing in some pretty weird places and getting strange looks from everyone,” Sparrow wrote on her blog in June.

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The Cornerstore is hosting art workshops for those in its surrounding community, too. We’d love to know if you’ve been to the exhibition and what you thought about it!

+ If you could have any edible treat frozen in felt, which would you pick?

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  1. Sydney Duprey 08/15/2014 at 6:14 pm #

    A bag of Percy Pigs! Ate those like they were going out of style while I was in England!

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