Make Your ‘Marquee’ with this DIY

Light-up letters are having a real moment in the spotlight. These expressive accent pieces make a literal statement when perched on a shelf or hung happily on your wall. Plus, they’re super simple to make! Allow us to illuminate you…


  • Cardboard craft letters (We found our 3D letters at the craft store, but you could also use 2D, or cut letters out of spare cardboard)
  • Spray paint in a color of your choice
  • Holiday string lights (make sure they all work!)
  • A box cutter
  • Tape
  • Clear packing tape (if you want to seal the back of your letters)
  • A pen, or something strong to poke your holes with

Step 1

Spray paint your letters.

Make Your 'Marquee' with this DIY

Step 2

If you’re using 3D letters like we did, use a box cutter to carefully open up the back of each letter. Save the pieces you cut out if you’d like to close the letters back up later.

Make Your 'Marquee' with this DIY

Step 3

Use your poking tool to create holes on the front of each letter. We eyeballed ours, so that the holes were centered in each letter and set about one inch apart from one another.

Make Your 'Marquee' with this DIY

Step 4

Poke your holiday lights through the holes, taping each light to the back of the letter to hold it in place. You can also tape down the wires between the string lights to keep them nice and neat against the back of the letter. (We planned to set our letters with their backs to the wall, but if yours will be free standing, take this time to replace any pieces you cut out, and secure them shut with clear tape.)

Make Your 'Marquee' with this DIY

+ What’s your fave way to decorate your space?

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