These 5 Mall Movie Scenes Will Make You Miss Back-to-School Shopping

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What’s the best part about back-to-school season? Clothes shopping, of course! Although my academic adventures are over, when the weather starts to cool, I get nostalgic for trips to the mall and wardrobe updates. Sometimes, I’ll brave overflowing fall crowds and try on jeans I in no way need (how many pairs are enough, really?) just to get a dose of that back-to-school-shopping high.

The mall has always been more than a mere retail venue, though. For decades, it’s been a place to aimlessly hangout, socialize, and while away one’s suburban adolescence.

If you’d rather skip the crowds and instead buy outfits with the click of a mouse, you can still appreciate mall madness from a safe distance. The following five movies feature scenes that capture the nostalgia of a day at the mall.


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Cher’s second home was the mall, where her best friend Tai even had a dramatic dangle off a second floor railing thanks to a couple of bad boys. Good thing Christian was able to step in and save the day.

Mean Girls

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While learning the ropes of the Plastics clique, Cady couldn’t help but compare her companions’ social norms to those in the animal kingdom. In her eyes, the mall was akin to a watering hole in a savannah.


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In just a short time span at their local shopping center, a bunch of young 20-somethings partake in a game show for love and avenge their wrongs. It’s practically Shakespeare with the wit of Kevin Smith.

Valley Girl

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A film with this title is, like, totally going to give us some rad ’80s mall moments.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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The once well-known Sherman Oaks Galleria, glimpsed in Valley Girl, was additionally the shooting locale for Fast Times, where teens not only spent their money, but also earned it, too. Rock those shiny red bow ties, girls!

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Which movie features your favorite mall scene?

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  1. beccalise 09/15/2014 at 8:36 am #

    I like the mall scene in Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore starts fitting in with the popular girls and sees her former unpopular friend… “Oh my god, like, there goes another lemming.”

  2. Emily Berylune 09/21/2014 at 9:20 am #

    The mall scene in ‘Weird Science’, because Robert Downey Jr is just SO YOUNG in that film!

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