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Our latest Blogger of the Moment is Lydia of Style is Style! Her outfits are pretty and feminine boasting pinched waists, full skirts, and a decidedly vintage feel. She’s not afraid of color, and often will incorporate bold hues into her outfits. This stylish gal balances blogging with school, where she studies fashion merchandising. Lydia calls Canada home, but she was born in Oslo, and Norwegian was her first language. When she’s not at school, you can find her watching Glee or playing music. Read on to see her versatile namesake dress styled three ways (psst, it also comes in navy blue!), and don’t forget to check out all her favorite ModCloth picks!

As a busy fashion student, how do you balance your blog and schoolwork?
I’ll be the first to admit, sometimes I am pulling out my hair because there is so much work to do! Most of the time, it’s manageable, it just requires lots of multitasking. Browsing blogs and checking out the latest in street style is pretty enjoyable, so blogging rarely feels like work. My other secret is caffeine – and lots of it.

What do you want to do with your degree when you graduate?
I’m not sure yet! A diploma in Fashion Merchandising will (hopefully) bring many avenues for a career path, and I’m still trying to figure out which aspect of the fashion industry I would enjoy the most. At this point, I’d like to try my hand at working for either a magazine or an independent retailer, preferably one with a largely vintage or vintage-inspired aesthetic.

When you’re not busy with schoolwork and blogging, how do you like to spend your time?
I try to hang out with my friends, family, and boyfriend as often as possible. I’m currently living in a different city as my boyfriend, so we try to see each other whenever we can. Other than that, I love to go out dancing, read, go to concerts, and play music with my best friend, Kate.

As a self-proclaimed Gleek, which character’s style do you find the most inspiring? What is it that makes you love the show?

I think that my favorite Glee character (style-wise) is a two-way tie between Rachel Barry and Emma Pillsbury. Rachel’s style is sweet and feminine, and Ms. Pillsbury always has very vintage feeling outfits. Although the color schemes and pairings are sometimes over the top, I’m usually drawn to this pair’s sartorial senses! As for my love of all things Glee, I think it stems from two things: first of all, I absolutely love musicals! I was a bit of a choir geek in high school, so Glee is like the better version of my high school years. Secondly, I am a sucker for teen drama – the romance, the awkwardness – I am powerless to it!

As a resident of Vancouver, B.C., what would be the top suggestion you’d have for visitors of the city?

Hands down, the best sights in the city are at Stanley Park, walking around the Seawall. Weather permitting, it is the prettiest place to people watch. Also, Commercial Drive has lots of tasty food (Havana is my favorite!) and cute shops to spend your dollars.

On your blog you’ve addressed body image at times. How do you think personal style blogging is changing the scope of what it means to be “fashionable” or “pretty?”

I think that personal style blogging has brought about a much needed conversation in the fashion world, and I think that those opinions are slowly moving into pop culture. It’s been really exciting to see so many girls prosper and find praise for their stylish creativity, without the focus being largely based on looks. I think that we are beginning to see “fashionable” or “stylish” as a wider scope, not just your typical celebrity or socialite. The girls that you and I know, the ones who always look amazing, no matter how small their budget (or town for that matter) are finally getting recognized, and even making careers out of blogging. I also think with this comes an appreciation in the general public for different kinds of “pretty” or “beautiful.” The cookie cutter is slowly being bent and discarded, and I for one am very, very happy about it!

It seems like many of the items in your wardrobe are thrifted. Do you have any tips for finding the perfect pieces at a thrift store?
Look in every section! If you are shopping for tops or trousers, check out the men’s or boys’ section as well as women’s. Don’t pay attention to sizes either. If you like something, bring it to the change room. Thrifted and vintage sizing can be very different from modern sizes, and you never know what might end up fitting you perfectly. Also, go often! If you find a thrift store that you really like, go at least once a week. The great thing about thrift stores is that they receive donations all the time, which means new stock for you to browse! One last tip, thrift stores generally have the biggest sales in the last week of the month!

We asked Lydia to style her namesake dress three ways. She said, “The Style is Style dress is pretty perfect. The pattern makes it interesting, and the sillhouette makes it super easy to dress up or dress down.”

You can find all of the pieces Lydia styled her dress with in her favorite picks!

How would you wear the Style is Style Dress?


About Turi

When Turi isn’t blogging, you can find her nose behind a book. But reading isn’t her only pastime. She loves running (cue jogging stroller), taste-testing pizza and burgers, and working on the next great American novel. Her latest homage to all things literary? Her son is named after writer Dashiell Hammett. How apropos.

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      If you ever have suggestions for a Blogger of the Moment, feel free to email or post a link in the comments section, and we’ll be sure to check them out. We’re always looking for bloggers who inspire us with their style, photography, and personality. Sometimes our Bloggers of the Moment are ladies we’ve worked with before, and sometimes they’re someone completely new. We’d love to hear who’s inspiring you, too!

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    I absolutely adore Lydia <3 And her namesake dress is so cute!


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    Oh I do love her so much, all her outfits are perfect! Congrats Lydia! 🙂

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    I’m loving her style! I just found her blog 2 days ago – I’m glad she is featured. 🙂

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    I love Lydia’s blog. It’s always a fun read and the outfits are too cute.

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    FANTASTIC! Love hearing what she has to say, and love her style. the perfect pick for a Blogger of the Moment!

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    Idee geniale 05/20/2011 at 1:11 pm #

    I love lydia! I’ve been a fan of hers for years now, she never ceases to amaze me with her whimsical outfits.
    Also, I LOVE Havana on Commercial Drive!! Great pick.

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    ALWAYS been a fan of Lydia’s blog.
    she’s AMAZING!

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    Ahh I’m so happy that Lydia got featured on this blog!! Her style is so amazing and I just wish I could pull off all those colours!! Good job, Lydia!

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    I love lydias blog, I love how she just does her thing its very inspiring!

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    What a sweet bundle of stylish joy! Thanks for sharing 😀

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    Very cute style Lydia!

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