We’re Listening to The Luyas!

Image via The Luyas at Dead Oceans.

I’ve been checking and waiting for The Luyas to come out with a new album since Too Beautiful To Work, and today my diligence has paid off. The Luyas’ newest musical venture, Animator, is certainly a change from the past, but change is good, right? Animator isn’t nearly as head-bobbingly poppy as their previous sounds, but The Luyas come together to make a catchy, moody, and powerful collection of songs.

The heartfelt tone of Animator is set from the first track: an eight-minute and thirty-eight second crescendo filled with drums, fluttering violin, and the delicate voice of lead singer, Jessie Stein. Give their single, “Fifty Fifty,” a listen, and let us know what band you’d like to hear a subsequent album from!

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/deadoceans/the-luyas-fifty-fifty”]

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  1. Irene 10/19/2012 at 11:16 am #

    Extreme whimsicality! 🙂

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