Get Psyched for Shopping with Our Black Friday Soundtrack

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Get Psyched for Shopping with Our Black Friday Playlist

Could it be?

*Rubs eyes.*

Is it the day we’ve been waiting for?

*Opens laptop.*

The day that was foretold?

*Opens email.*

Wow, yep, Black Friday is finally here! Whether you spend the day hunting the best presents for your posse or scooping up a few of your favorite things, it’s bound to be an adventure. To help you on your quest, we’ve whipped up a little playlist to keep you feeling upbeat and focused. It’s a merry mix of shopping center serenades, holiday jams, TGIF-inspired earworms, and gloriously goofy odes to our favorite institutions (if nothing else, do give Jonathan Coulton’s song “SkyMall” a listen). Why not tune in while you, oh, I dunno, explore the oodles of styles now on sale at ModCloth? (Seriously, though, these deals rock.)

+ What are your favorite tunes this time of year?

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