Celebrate the Season with Chalk & Numbers

Album cover courtesy of Chalk & Numbers. Band photo by Stephanie Anne Brothers.

If you were left with a case of the warm fuzzies after viewing our adorably soundtracked Spread the Cheer video, then get ready for round two of that happy holiday feeling. Not only has the band behind the tune, Brooklyn’s Chalk & Numbers, made the song available as a free download, they took a second to chat with us in this exclusive interview!

We’ve been fans of this indie pop duo since it debuted its EP, He Knew, earlier this year, and are jazzed to formally introduce you to the talent behind it, Andrew Pierce and Sable Yong. We quizzed Andrew and Sable on their new single, their creative inspiration, and, of course, their holiday plans. Read on to hear what they had to say and nab a download of their song!

Can you tell us about your new holiday single, “Happiness This Time of Year”?
ANDREW: We wanted to put something together quickly for the holidays since we are big fans of Christmas music. The song is fun and cheesy, but I think Christmas songs should be fun and cheesy.

How did Chalk & Numbers get started?
ANDREW: Sable had put demos of herself singing online, and I randomly came across her page. I asked her if she was interested in a new recording project, and she said yes. After a couple months, we started recording and ended up with the six songs on the EP.

Let’s talk about your inspiration for the album and the songs on it.
ANDREW: I wanted to nod to classic songwriters like Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and Carole King, and, from a recording aspect, also capture some of that sound. We wanted to connect it to modern indie rock, and there are elements like Sable’s voice, that do that. Almost all the songs are inspired by specific people and past relationships. The goal was to blend our current interpretations and experiences with an older style [of] production.

What’s on the horizon for you guys?
ANDREW: A new release, most likely an EP, in early 2012.
SABLE: The sun, at least twice a day.

Any fun holiday plans?
ANDREW: Just family time and recording time.
SABLE: Eating and bad movie marathons.

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