Give Into the Dreamy Pop Stylings of Elephant

Elephant bandImage via Memphis Industries.

Call their sound dream pop, lo-fi bedroom rock, or a Grizzly Bear-meets-the-XX-meets-Tennis with an infusion of doo-wop – whatever it is that UK band Elephant is selling, we’re buying it. The fledgling South London-based band, made up of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck, churns out melodies that feature billowing vocals grounded by catchy, rhythmic beats, as well as happy surprises such as quivering organ cameos or unexpected background notes. Rivas’ smoky coo is best on “Skyscraper” (below), in which her sweeping voice tugs the melody upwards and downwards, much like the imagery the lyrics invoke. Look for their debut album in January 2014, but for now, treat yourself to this loveliness:

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