Magic Moments Delivered by Brooklyn Band Time Travelers

Time Travelers band
Photo courtesy of BuzzChips

Looking for something folky and upbeat, laced with sweet and exquisite harmonies, to ease your transition into fall? Well, prepare your eardrums for total bliss: the Brooklyn-based band Time Travelers are about to serenade you straight through all your autumn afternoons and evenings. With fun songs that anyone can appreciate, these flannel-clad crooners will carve out a spot in your go-to playlist, and definitely inspire a few friendly dance parties.

These four recent grads began making music together in school, after which they moved to New York to pursue their musical aspirations. All of them keep day jobs, (most notable, perhaps, being at a gourmet grilled cheese food truck), but they still time find to dedicate to the band. The Time Travelers’ stellar songs should give hope to all those creative peeps out there who may be a little nervous about pursuing an artistic path — with the Time Travelers as an awesome example, it seems that it’s totally possible, and the results? Well, they sound pretty good to us!

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