Mistaken for Strangers: The National’s Surprising New Documentary

[youtube http://youtu.be/FUjBue7XggQ]

Music documentaries are a dime a dozen nowadays – the latest, glossiest releases even come in 3-D – but when we heard the premise behind The National’s new documentary, Mistaken for Strangerswe paused what we were doing to click “play” on the trailer video.

After 10 years as a indie darling, The National is finally beginning to experience rock stardom. Television performances, screaming fans, awards, and chart-toppers are part of the band’s life now, and when they set out on the biggest tour of their career, lead singer Matt Berninger invites his younger brother, Tom, to join their tour crew. In contrast to his brother, 30-year-old Tom still lives at home in Cincinnati, and doesn’t always understand the band’s success (he finds his brother’s music “pretentious,” preferring metal instead). Tom agrees to come along, and brings a camera with him to document the experience. What gets captured on camera is a funny, awkward, complicated,  and intensely personal view of the band and of the relationship between two very different brothers.

Mistaken for Strangers opens in select theaters, and you can check out the film’s website for screening locations.

What documentaries are on your to-watch list? We’re big documentary buffs, so do tell!

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