Mr. Gnome Rocks

Photo by Nate Burrell via Mr. Gnome

I recently caught a performance of Mr. Gnome, a Cleveland band I’d been itching to see for years — it was well worth the wait. The San Francisco venue was intimate, and the duo’s strong show outsized the space they played in.

Across the span of three albums, Mr. Gnome hails a beauty-in-chaos sound. While vocalist and guitarist Nicole Barille spits between ethereal and Karen O-like choruses, bandmate and husband Sam Meister divides his talent between heavy bouts on the drums and playful, suspenseful sets on the piano. Though the duo has been compared to Björk, PJ Harvey, and The Kills, trying to classify them to a genre is a difficult task — maybe Psychedelic Indie Metal Rock? In a nutshell, they’re different, yet consistent across the charts.

Seeing Mr. Gnome has renewed my faith in live music, but a smashing performance isn’t their only attracting quality — they’re just as engaging coming from your favorite set of speakers. Check out their streaming archive on BandCamp.

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