8 Dance Moves to Learn by This Weekend (Feat. The Talking Heads)

Whoever picked Monday as the most dreaded day in the work week (lookin’ at  you, Bangles) was severely misinformed. Tuesday’s the real troublemaker — that day when last weekend’s memories start to fade, and next weekend’s plans still seem so far in the distance. Luckily, we’ve got a cure for the Tuesday slump, and it’s called The Talking Heads.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Stop Making Sense, the Talking Heads’ 1984 concert film, which is being brought back for theatrical and digital release this summer. Featuring exuberant performances and more rompers than you can shake a drum stick at, Stop Making Sense is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Furthermore, the movie is a veritable treasure trove of dance inspiration. Stuck in a mid-week funk? Start learning a few of these must-know moves, and you’ll be burning down the house by Friday.


1. Call this David Byrne’s take on the Beyoncé surfbort. Pretend you’re a marionette taking a leisurely ride in a porch swing, and you’re pretty much there. Bonus points if you incorporate a comically oversized suit.


2. Unleash your inner mermaid, merman, or other slippery person to recreate this ol’ standby.


3. If it helps you get the timing down for this move, try repeating “THESE ARE MY BRACELETS! THIS IS MY BELT! THESE ARE MY BRACELETS! THIS IS MY BELT!” over and over.


4. Crabcore fans will love recreating this move by Tina Weymouth. Bass not required (but totally awesome).


5. IMHO, back-up singers Ednah Holt and Lynn Mabry are the unsung superstars of Stop Making Sense. Here they are performing an artful pas de deux. Grab a pal, match up your outfits, and try it yourself!


6. Once you start showing off your happenin’ moves, you’re bound to draw a crowd. Get them into the mix with this typewriter jam.


7. Not coordinated enough for the typewriter? No problem! Try, uh, whatever this is.


8. And if all else fails, don’t be afraid to go a little flippy floppy.


+ What music gets you through the week? Share your dance-worthy faves in the comments below!

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