The 5 Music-Focused Films We’ll Be Watching This Weekend

It may feel like the whole world will be making their way to Coachella this weekend, but let’s be real — most of us will stay put and follow along from home. And even though we may not be traveling to Indio, that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own festival-focused fun. So while everyone else is donning their flower crowns and shaking it like a Polaroid picture to Outkast, why not cozy up on the couch and rock out to a few music-centric films? Check out some of our faves below, then be sure to add your own in the comments!

Rock N Roll High School 6

Rock N Roll High School 5

What better place to start than “Rock ‘N’ Roll High School?” Starring none other than punk rock pioneers The Ramones — playing themselves, obvs — this film is a little silly, but that’s exactly why we love it. High school rebel Riff Randell (played by P.J. Soles), with the help of her fave band, combat Riff’s school’s oppressive administration, all while wearing the hottest in late-70s style.

We love how Riff breaks the mold of what is traditionally considered “punk,” opting instead for varsity jackets, primary colors, and lots of mixed prints. Of course, there’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from The Ramones as well. Is there anything better than the combination of jeans, a white tee, and a classic leather jacket? No, we think not.

Cadillac RecordsImages via IMDB

If there is one movie that gives us serious hair and outfit envy (and even more Beyoncé envy), it’s “Cadillac Records.” Set in 1950s Chicago, the film follows the at-times turbulent lives of musical legends, including Etta James (Beyoncé) and Chuck Berry (played by Mos Def).

While we certainly don’t want to go back to the politics of that era, we can’t help but admire the style. From perfectly-coiffed hair to tweed pencil skirts, the costume design is drool-worthy.

Taking Woodstock 1

Taking Woodstock 2
Based on the memoir written by the real life version of the main character, “Taking Woodstock” makes us long for road trips and the epic festivals of the past. Starring Demetri Marten as Elliot Tiber, the film follows the true story of Tiber’s collaboration with the organizers of Woodstock to hold the festival in his hometown of Bethel, NY.

If you’re a fan of dressed-down boho style, this film is for you. Bell bottoms, wide-brim hats, and plenty of body paint make their appearance, along with Liev Schreiber in a classic prairie dress.

Almost Famous 1
Almost Famous 3
Images via IMDB

Who doesn’t dream of hitting the road with their favorite band? In “Almost Famous,” high school writer William Miller (Patrick Fugit) does just that, after being hired by Rolling Stone to cover up-and-comers Stillwater on their tour. Miller quickly learns that being a rock star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but not before meeting and befriending Penny Lane (Kate Hudson), a “Band-Aid” who has joined the group on the road.

Lane’s style is everything great about the ’70s, and we have to admit to desperately wanting to raid her closet. Shearling coats, crochet crop tops, and high-waisted denim all play a major role, and it’s easy to picture her outfits working just as well today. The only difference being that we’d rather be the band, than follow one.

Walk the Line
Images via IMDB

A film that spans decades, “Walk The Line” follows the life of a legend: Johnny Cash. Played by Joaquin Phoenix, Cash gets his start when he purchases his first guitar while in the air force. Eventually his talent leads him to the road, where he meets June Carter (Reese Witherspoon), a talent in her own right and, eventually, the love of his life.

While the film’s focus is obviously on Cash, we can’t help but swoon over Carter’s entire wardrobe. Stretching through several decades, the costume design is a mid-century lover’s dream, featuring plenty of bouffants, fit-and-flare silhouettes, and cocktail dresses.


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