Watch & Learn: Get to Know Inara George (& See Her New Video!)

Inara George totally rocks. This Cali-bred musician has been a part of a myriad of acts, including the bird and the bee — her duo with multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin. The pair’s newest album, Recreational Love arrives July 17, but the band’s already started releasing some vibrant videos to whet your musical appetite. The newest of the bunch is “Los Angeles” — a dreamy pop ode to the city Inara calls home. Love the shift dress Inara’s sporting in the sun-soaked video? It’s from ModCloth! Inara picked this mod-inspired look especially for the occasion, and we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of her project.

Check out the video, learn more about Inara in the Q&A below, and shop the Inara Dress to infuse your next outfit with a little LA sunshine!

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style has changed throughout my life. But I would say that I like things to be clean and sleek and functional. I love solid colors and stripes. What I wear onstage is usually very different than what I would wear day to day. But it depends on the project. The bird and the bee is definitely where I like to push things a little into the abstract and occasionally absurd. I have collaborated with Valerj Pobega for all of the bird and the bee costumes, and we’ve come up with some really fun clothes. We’ve worn plastic dresses and lingerie and even dresses with their own architecture. We have fun.

If you could trade wardrobes with anyone throughout history, whose would you choose?
That’s a hard one. I think it depends on what decade of my life and the person’s life. Maybe what David Bowie wore in his 20s during my 20s, what Audrey Hepburn wore in her 20s during my 30s, and what Francoise Hardy wore in her 50s in my 40s. Does that make any sense?

Was music always a part of your life? Do you remember the first song you wrote?
Music was always a part of my life, but I never thought it would be my profession. And I do remember the first actual song I wrote. It was with a friend of mine when we were about 10, and it was called “Love in a Bowl”. It was pretty hilarious.

Get the Look from the bird and the bee's Latest Video

Do you have a big part in creating the concepts for your videos? How/where do you find your ideas?
Not all the videos, but some of them. I’m not sure where the ideas come from. They kind of just pop in my head. I think being the writer of the lyrics makes it easy to come up with the ideas. They are probably subconsciously ruminating in my head. Who knows?

What inspires the music you’re making now?
I’m never sure where any inspiration comes from. I know that for me it’s sort of coming from everywhere.

The song is called “Los Angeles”. What makes it such a special place for you?
I grew up in LA. And I’ve found myself having to defend it much of the time. I know it’s a strange city, but there’s something very unique about it. There’s a grittiness that some people don’t understand right away. And there’s a great community here — it’s just sometimes hard to find it right away. It is a little like a scavenger hunt. You have to look under a few rocks before you really “get it”.

You’ve been in bands and performed solo. What’s it like stepping into the spotlight alone versus with others?
Playing solo is great… but sometimes the scariest thing for me to do. Probably because it’s all me. I like sharing the “spotlight” with other people. It’s definitely more fun. But playing solo has a lot of benefits, as well. It’s probably the most challenging thing for me.

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians out there?
Probably just to keep making stuff. That’s really all anyone can do, right?

When you’re not making music, how do you like to fill your time? Do you have any unexpected hobbies?
I’m a crazy podcast junkie. I’d rather listen to a podcast than do most anything else. Specifically This American Life, RadioLab, Invisibilia, and the new StarLee Kine show Mystery Show.

When people hear your music, what do you hope they take away? What do you hope to impart?
That’s a hard question for me. I suppose the noble thing would be to say I hope that I can make people feel something? But I really just hope people like it. That’s about as much as I can ask from anyone. Sometimes I do hear from people about how something that I wrote helped them in some way. And that is always so lovely to hear. It’s all cake for me, but sometimes I get some really sweet icing too!

+ Find the Inara Dress here, and share what makes YOUR hometown special in the comments!

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