#MusicMonday: Is the Pizza Underground Cheesy? Yay or Nay?

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When the headline for Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed-The Velvet Underground cover band greased up our news feeds last week, we delighted in a double-take, trying to wrap our heads around the concept. Was it tasteful? Was it funny? Is that a pizza box for a drum? It turns out that Mack’s spot in The Pizza Underground was more a last-minute addition through mutual friends, kazoo and all. The idea came together in 2012 when husband and wife musicians Matt Coulbourn and Phoebe Kreutz were on tour together — Kreutz plays a killer glockenspiel, by the way.

And until recently being pelted with beers and booed off stage during a show in Nottingham, England (and canceling their remaining European dates due to an unrelated “cheesmergency”) their performances have been well received stateside. The group has even shared slices with audience members during shows, which is pretty great, even if you’re not sold on their schtick. To get an idea of what it’s all about, you can listen to the demo here. My personal favorite is “Pizza Gal,” a take on the Underground’s iconic “Femme Fatale.” If it’s lo-fi flavor you crave, check out a medley of more songs in the video below, then be sure to take our poll:

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