DIY Jewelry: Make a Boho Necklace with Tiny Tassels


As bright as pastel macarons, the tiny handmade tassels in this DIY necklace are just as delectable. This project is quick to whip up (make sure you have your jewelry tools available!) and addicting to create. Ready to try it?


Assorted embroidery floss in bright pastel colors
Chain of your choice (circa 15 inches)
5-6mm pink glass beads (circa 28)
10mm jump rings (9)
Clasp (1)
Pairs of chain nose pliers (2)
Nylon beading cord (C-Lon® Tex 400 Bead Cord)
G-S Hypo Cement



1.Let’s make some tiny tassels. Pick a skein of embroidery floss and wrap it closely 30 times around your three middle fingers. (Keep the wraps even but loose enough so they don’t cut off your circulation.)

2.Gently slide the floss off your fingers, maintaining its oval shape. Twist open a jump ring with the chain nose pliers and carefully place the floss on it. Twist the jump ring closed.

3.Pinch and gather the floss directly below the jump ring. Tightly tie a separate thread of floss (in the same color) twice at this spot. Trim the excess floss from the knots. Add a dot of the G-S Hypo Cement to them and allow the piece to dry.

4.Use the scissors to cut open the loop opposite of the jump ring. Shape the tassel by uniformly trimming its edges.


Repeat steps 1-4 twice, making a total of three (or, if you want, more!) tassels.


5.Cut a length of nylon beading cord and tie it twice to a closed jump ring. Place a dot of cement on the knot to strengthen it. Once dry, add glass beads onto the cord until it is approximately 5 inches long. Knot the end once to finish the section, then twice more when attaching it to another jump ring. Add cement to the knot, and once again let it dry.

6.Attach the bead section to one side of the chain with a jump ring. Use a jump ring to add the clasp to the remaining side of the chain. The clasp will hook onto the jump ring at the opposite end of the bead section.

7.Pull it all together. Use jump rings to attach the tiny tassels to the jump rings on the bead section, as well as onto the section itself.


For a design variation, create and include more tassels. Wear it well!

We’d love to see your versions of the Tiny Tassels Necklace. Share a link with a photo in the comments section.

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Rachel is the creative director of The Wood and Watch jewelry and the editor-in-chief of ParentGuide magazine. She knows how to wield a flame to shape metal; loves to travel; and is passionate about art, antiques, DIY, and nature.

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