‘This American Life’ and ‘Fresh Air’ Tattoos? Oh, Yes.

NPR tattoo skullAll images via This American Life.

Love yourself some All Things Considered and This American Life? Why not get a tattoo? Seriously!

As if we didn’t love public radio enough, the brilliant minds at Chicago Public Media, NPR, and other media orgs are selling rock show-worthy, public radio-themed temporary tattoos. These cheeky, temp tats have been a mainstay of public radio stations’ fundraising drives for years, after This American Life host Ira Glass suggested it as a fundraising idea ages ago, but are only now available online. Over the years, stations have issued 70,000 tattoos, and demand was so great it was just time these tats made it to the web. Whether you’re a Fresh Air fan or mad for On the Media, rest assured that there’s a tat for you.

NPR tattoos dog

NPR tattoos snakes NPR tattoos mermaid

NPR tattoos bird NPR tattoos panther

What’s your favorite public radio show?

One Response to ‘This American Life’ and ‘Fresh Air’ Tattoos? Oh, Yes.

  1. Sunita 06/06/2013 at 4:55 pm #

    I have many favorite Public Radio shows: The Diane Rehm Show, Talk of the Nation (I have no idea what I am going to do without Neil), Tell Me More, Science Friday and (of course!) This American Life. That is just a small sampler of my favorites.

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