This DIY Pretzel Necklace is All You Need for a Proper Oktoberfest


If you’ve ever ventured to a beer festival — including the ever popular Oktoberfest — you’ve likely seen people wandering around with a pretzel necklace around their neck. Don’t be alarmed. This isn’t a new fashion trend, and the edible jewelry likely won’t be found outside the context of a boozing¬†celebration.

Here’s the deal. Pretzel necklaces serve as an easy peasy, hands-free way to keep food on your body throughout the day. Not only do they cleanse your palate between each beer tasting, they help keep your stomach full and can even prevent you from getting tipsy too quickly. All the cool kids have them.

A pretzel necklace is a pretzel necklace, but we’ve gone ahead and amped it up a little bit. Behold, our pretzel necklace tutorial.


What You Need:

  • Ribbon of your choice
  • About 21 mini pretzels

Step 1: Double String Three Pretzels

String a pretzel so that your ribbon goes through two spaces, as pictured. Repeat this for three pretzels. P.S. When you’re choosing your ribbon, go for something with a little more pizazz. For example, this lavender lacy ribbon is sweet and feminine. You could go with bright red, blue, metallic, or even string several colors together.


Step 2: Single String 15 Pretzels

Next, string about 15 pretzels so that your ribbon goes through only one space. You can add more or less pretzels depending on your preferences.


Step 3: Repeat Double String Method

Finally, put three more double stringed pretzels on the other end and tie your ribbon in a bow around your neck. Double knot it to prevent it from falling off. As you go about your day, consume as desired!


Make your own Oktoberfest necklace

on 09/17/2014

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