Packed with Care: An Earth Day Guide for Trendy Toting!

According to E.P.A. data for 2009, the U.S. generated 13 million tons of plastic waste from containers and packaging, and only 7 percent of it was recovered for recycling. Yikes! So, in celebration of Earth Day, up your eco-conscious efforts by bearing some of these terrific transporting tools!

Ditch sandwich bags for an excuse to use the adorable Eating Apple Sandwich Keeper in Red (1), and fill up the Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle (2) with some ice cold agua for a refreshing and righteous mealtime setup. Using bento boxes or reusable lunch pails are equally awesome ways to say bye-bye to bagged bites.

Constructed of Tyvek, the sturdy, water-resistant material that some express mailer envelopes are made from, our Spend It Good Wallet (4) is completely recyclable. Keep your things tucked safe within this wallet’s interior slots, then toss it in our recycled cotton Canvassing Backpack in Neighborhood (3).

You’ll ‘tote-ally’ get used to tossing your purchases in reusable tote bags if you keep them in all the accessible places you frequent – at home, work, in your car, or inside your locker. We weep in adoration of the All Good in the Flavor-hood Tote (5) and the For All the World Tote (6). Already have quite the collection? Then, you’ll dig The Tote Bag (7), which features color photographs of some of the most eccentric tote designs around, as featured on illustrator and designer Jitesh Patel’s Totebags blog.

Check out some of our other eco-friendly products this Earth Day, and don’t forget to take care by taking your carry-all everywhere!


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  1. Avatar
    Courtney 04/22/2011 at 12:45 pm #

    That’s crazy to see that only a very small percentage of plastic is recyclable. I’ve heard that glass is recycled into more glass, so when I can, I buy glass over plastic.

  2. Avatar
    Minnie 04/22/2011 at 3:46 pm #

    I’m not sure that the plastic can’t be recycled, I think it just isn’t because some cities don’t have the resources to recycle it or people just throw them away. I am lucky enough to live in Charlotte, NC where all but number 6 is recycled! Although we are huge recyclers where we always have more to recycle than throw away, my mom and I like to keep old glass jars from buying things like pasta sauce and use them as containers for leftovers. It’s super cute and earth-friendly! There’s tons of ways to cut back on waste and I hope more people join the efforts!

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