Lit Loves: Peter S. Beagle, Novelist, Poet, and Songwriter

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When I was little, my family rented movies every weekend–this was back in the day, when you actually had to drive somewhere to rent movies. On VHS. Whenever it was my turn to pick a movie, I always went with the same one–The Last Unicorn. Eventually, the rest of my family got so sick of it that I wasn’t allowed to rent it anymore. But I never got tired of it. And when I finally realized that there was a book that my beloved movie had been based on, I had to get my hands on a copy.

And that is how I was introduced Peter S. Beagle.

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Peter S. Beagle was born and raised in New York, and attended the University of Pittsburgh. He’s won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards, and received a World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2011. He’s penned fantasy novels, short stories, screenplays, poetry, songs, and creative nonfiction. His work combines lyrical prose and well-rounded characters with everyday wonder and a dash of otherworldly mystery thrown in.

mirror kingdom
Images via (Unofficially) Peter S. Beagle

He’s currently traveling around the country doing a Last Unicorn Tour. I was lucky enough to catch him when he was in Pittsburgh, so I got to watch the movie on the big screen (which was amazing), and listen to a Q&A with him (which was incredibly cool). Afterwards, he signed books and DVDs for a huge line of fans, taking time to chat with every person in line. If his tour brings him to your home town, you should totally check it out.


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  1. Avatar
    rebecca 10/07/2014 at 8:36 am #

    You just made my WORLD. The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie (and then favorite book) as a child. I read/watched it over, and over, and over again– to the point where my parents had to stage an intervention (I kid). I didn’t know Peter Beagle was still alive… LET ALONE TOURING (though it looks like I’ll have to wait until next year before he’s near me)! This just made my day. Thank you!

  2. Avatar
    Mindi 10/07/2014 at 2:57 pm #

    I LOVE The Last Unicorn and totally did not know if was a book! I’m going to have to check his tour schedule and see if he’s coming here soon! On a second note, we had the same weekend tradition at my dads house, and I rented The Shining until they told me I couldn’t anymore.

  3. Avatar
    Rachel Kalina 10/08/2014 at 2:32 pm #

    Amazing. I was a huge fan of The Last Unicorn movie, too. And wow! You got to see it on the big screen plus hear Peter S. Beagle speak? How wonderful!

  4. Avatar
    Al 10/12/2014 at 9:31 am #

    I remember this movie. I had nightmares about it for 3 days, haha. But yeah, it is a pretty good movie 🙂

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