Wreath ‘Em Breathless: A Polka Dot Fall Wreath DIY

Greet guests — and the impending (and oh-so-welcome) sweater weather with an unexpectedly awesome fall wreath! Polka dots may not be the pattern you typically think of when you hear “autumn”, but after you scope out this simple and sweet fall wreath DIY, you just might change your mind…


What You Need:
Foam wreath form
Polka dot burlap ribbon (or use a red marker on plain burlap)
Sprigs of faux fall leaves and berries
Floral pins

Step One

Begin by securing the start with a floral pin to hold the ribbon in place. Then, continue wrapping the ribbon around the floral wreath form.

Step Two

Once you’ve wrapped the entire form, trim your ribbon, and secure the other end with another floral pin. Make sure it’s nice and tight before securing the end!

Step Three

Next, trim the ends of your faux leaf sprigs if necessary. You want about 3/4″ stem. Place 2-3 stems on each side, with their stems facing towards each other, meeting in the middle. Secure each spring with 2-3 floral pins, being sure to place them under the leaves so they’re hidden.

Step Four

If needed, glue a faux leaf over the center where the two berry sprigs meet to hide the stems. And you’re done! Step back and admire your adorable handiwork.

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