Hilarious Prom Horror Stories from Our Employees

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Prom is a high school rite of passage, and while it’s billed as a night to remember, it’s often the hilarious mishaps that stick in our minds the most — from dress disasters and shoe fiascos, to jilted dates and broken-down limos. While prom isn’t always picture perfect (is it ever?), I think we can all agree that the memories are worth it. Take my junior prom for example: I wore a navy dress with spaghetti straps covered in rhinestones, and of course, one of those little straps broke. I tried to fix the strap with a safety pin, but it didn’t hold up under the strain of dancing to fast songs. Let’s just say that I’m glad my strapless bra was pretty and relatively modest.

As prom season approaches, I asked our employees to share their (possibly embarrassing) stories of proms-past, lucky for me — and you — they were more than happy to share. Check out their stories and pics, below, and be sure to share your own prom-pocalypse tale in the comments!


“I didn’t go to my school’s prom which didn’t bother me too much. The next day however, I found out that my crush’s date had cancelled and he took his mother instead! I was so bummed I missed my opportunity to swoop in! Some people think it’s kinda weird that he took his mom but I still think it was really sweet.”
-Crystal R, Customer Care Shift Manager

“My school made all students going to prom travel by bus to avoid drunk driving, and while we waited at the school for the buses, they had snacks…. one of those snacks was veggies with ranch dip. Apparently, someone dropped the ball with putting the ranch dip in the fridge overnight and it spoiled, but they still served it because they didn’t know… or so we were told. Roughly half of the students going to prom got food poisoning by the end of the night, resulting in all of them puking everywhere and then having to be taken back to the school by bus. It was awful. Fortunately, I didn’t eat any of the snacks so I didn’t get sick, but I will never forget what 150 people in formal attire with food poisoning looks like.”
-Carrie M, Customer Care Shift Manager


“I went to a very traditional prep school, and for my third prom I decided to break the norm and wear pants. I showed up with my date dressed pretty snazzy: red skinny trousers, black blazer, and Chuck Taylor sneakers — basically the uniform of all the dudes there. Unfortunately, there was a strict, albeit unspoken “no sneakers for women” policy, and they wouldn’t let me in! Luckily, we had a suitcase of emergency clothes stashed in the trunk of the car, so I switched out my sneaks for heels, and changed my vintage tee shirt to a tank top and was allowed in. Once inside, I promptly ditched my shoes all together and went barefoot for the rest of the night.”
-Julie O, Editorial Specialist

“Ugh! Same thing happened to me! I was very edgy and wore ankle booties with my ruched satin mini dress (thanks early 2000s…).”
-Katie T, Senior Associate Buyer

“I had a ridiculous time finding a date to prom. I asked approximately ten guys — I wish this was an exaggeration — who I was friends with, and most were younger and couldn’t even go to the prom if they didn’t get invited by a senior. Some of my favorite reasons for rejection were:
“I can’t go with you because you’re taller than me”
“Too many people asked me so I’m not going”
My BFF and I ended up going with two guys who were friends with each other that another one of our friends set us up with, but to this day we still talk about how we wish we would have just gone together and ditched the dudes.”
-Jess L, Customer Care Advocate

“I had made my dress for my senior prom and I was super stoked to wear it that night. We had a Ferris wheel at the prom, and my date and I rode it, but when it was time to get off my dress was somehow mangled in between the seat and the actual wheel! It took the ride operator fifteen minutes to get me loose. By the end of the night, the rumors were swirling — from my leg getting stuck on the ride, to almost falling off at the top… oh high school!”
-Donesia D, Production Associate


“My prom date and I drove ourselves instead of taking a fancy limo, and we got totally lost on our way to the hotel our prom was held at. We didn’t show up until dinner was almost over! This was before everyone and their mothers had cell phones, so everyone was panicking thinking something terrible had happened to us!”
-Stephanie Y, Producer

“Does getting kicked out count?”
-Candi K, Technical Recruiter

“My shoe’s heel got caught on the escalator floor and I almost fell on my face!”
-Lea L, Producer

“A group of my friends and I decided to skip prom, and instead went to Del Taco, the arcade, then played mini-golf in our full formal attire. Totally not a horror story, it was awesome!”
-Steph M, UI Developer & Designer

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  1. kmterry 04/03/2014 at 5:01 pm #

    Leaving junior prom, our group got egged as we walked into the parking garage. Mostly it just made a mess on the pavement, but the one girl who actually got hit had this giant, floaty white tulle princess dress that got all gunked up. We never found out who was behind it — most likely, some random kids we didn’t know, since our prom took place in a nearby major city and not our hometown. But it definitely put a downer on an otherwise fun night.

  2. bekswhoknits 04/03/2014 at 9:25 pm #

    I remember quite distinctly a conversation that I had with my Mum over my year 12 ball dress (the Aus equivalent of Prom).
    I wanted to wear Doc Martins with my ultra hippie crushed velvet renaissance fair style dress, but my Mum convinced me otherwise because I would regret it when I was older.

    Well it’s 12 years on and I regret not being able to wear Docs because that would have been totally cool. Chucks would have been cooler still but I couldn’t afford a pair, but I did have hand-me-down docs. I ended up not wearing shoes most of the night anyway.

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