Quiz: What’s Your Back to ‘Cool’ Style?

Can anything quite compare to the spirit of reinvention that comes with the first day of school? Autumn’s arrival brings endless possibilities, ranging from setting personal goals, to expanding social circles, to even undergoing the most fabulous of style transformations.

Inspired by our latest fall collection and those quintessential new beginnings, we loaded up on equal parts glamour and nostalgia to craft a quiz that makes the grade. Answer the oh-so-easy questions below to determine your back-to-‘cool’ style!

082216 What's Your Back to 'Cool' Style Quiz Banner_2

First day of school! What kicks are you wearin’?
What’s your favorite class of the day?
Where are you headed after school?
How do you carry your books?
Movie night! What’s the feature flick?
Your final class project is due next Monday. When do you start?
Time to pack a lunch. Which bag do you choose?
Classmates would likely vote you:

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Catch Katie perpetually stressing about finding the time to see every movie on her growing to-watch list. Some of her favorite pastimes include car-belting to ᗅBBA, using her dog as a pillow, and just makin' sure everyone's having a good time.


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  1. Cathy 08/22/2016 at 4:30 pm #

    Katie, I love taking your Style quizzes! So much fun and easy to do. Always curious what the final results will be. Love ModCloth! Thanks!

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