This Is Your Year. Do It YOUR Way!

Reach Those Resolutions YOUR Way

This Is Your Year. Do It YOUR Way!

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There’s a quote floating around Pinterest that says “The best thing a woman can have is her [rhymes with ‘skit’] together”. Expletive aside, we whole-heartedly agree. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you’ve achieved a goal, conquered a challenge, or taken one step towards being the best version of yourself. Of course, not everybody finds health, happiness, and confidence in the same way. To help you with YOUR resolutions, here’s a list of our favorite tips, tools, and inspirations perfect for aspirational folks whose tastes run off the beaten path. Got your own tips or tricks to share? Leave ’em in the comments below!

Exercise Your Right to Fun Fitness

A little daily activity does every body good, but that doesn’t have to mean deadlifts and marathons! If the gym isn’t quite your cup of tea, why not try one of these ideas?

  • Volunteer to walk shelter dogs, then let them take you for a jaunt around the block.
  • Go for a bike ride with your besties.
  • Try out an app like Zombies, Run! to get you moving while satisfying your geeky streak.
  • Join an amateur sports league with your pals.
  • Attend an out-of-the-ordinary class like hip hop dance, or even a roller-derby-driven class from DerbyLite.

Eat Your Heart Out

Healthy eating doesn’t mean eating bland, boring food all the time. Nor does it mean eating teensy weensy amounts. Let’s focus less on fad diets and more on being creative in the kitchen!

  • Explore your local farmers market, and don’t be afraid to talk to the vendors — they can point you to new favorite items and fill you in on how to prepare the amazing produce you just bought.
  • Pick up a new cookbook filled with healthy (and maybe a few not-so-healthy) recipes. We recommend ones with big, Pinterest-worthy pictures to inspire you (like this one)!
  • Go veg! Lots of us here at ModCloth live a meat-free or minimal-meat lifestyle. Going meatless just one night a week can help you (and the earth) feel healthier and happier.

Become a Finance Aficionado

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a plane ticket to visit your bestie, your very first guitar, and those Japanese lessons you’ve been eager to take. Becoming a money maven takes a bit of willpower, but the payoff is priceless.

  • Start a savings account just for those special purchases and big spends you’ve got on your wishlist, then have a tiny percentage of each paycheck automatically be deposited into that account. Even the smallest contributions will add up fast, and with zero effort.
  • Take your goals seriously. Whether you’re trying to buy a house or the newest Urban Decay Naked Palette, your dreams are legit. Treat them like the worthy wants they are, and it’ll be way easier to commit to a budget.
  • Ask for help! No, we don’t mean borrowing cash from your parents. Read up on tips and tricks (sites like Daily Worth are great for that), take advantage of local finance classes and workshops, or go for coffee with your pal in accounting. Familiarize yourself with all that weird terminology and learn what those wacky charts mean, and suddenly, money doesn’t seem nearly as scary.

Live Your #fashiontruth

What’s #fashiontruth? Being yourself, wearing what makes you feel awesome, and writing your own rules for style. It’s our favorite trend for 2015, and here’s how to achieve it.

  • Forget what you’ve been told about your body. Whether that’s by society, magazines, middle school meanies, or even yourself. It’s time to forget about what clothes you “can” or “can’t” wear and to start worrying about what you WANT to wear.
  • Try one style that scares you. Maybe you give a crop top a shot. Maybe you cut off all your hair. You know you’ve thought about it — make this the year!
  • Support your fellow fashionistas. Compliment the coffee shop gal in the killer coat. Leave positive comments on friends’ Instagrams. Recognize that expressing yourself takes bravery, especially if you’re breaking the “rules”. When you support other folks trying to realize their #fashiontruth, you’ll start to feel safer doing so yourself.
  • Need inspiration? Pay a visit to our #fashiontruth HQ!

It's Your Year. Do It YOUR Way!

+What are your expert tips to achieving your dreams?




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  1. Kathi 01/27/2015 at 7:52 am #

    When I would ask my Grandmother for advice, she would tell me, “Love many, trust few. Always paddle your own canoe.” I think about her wise words often. They keep me sane………

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