True Love Stories: Lizz and Isaac

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to share true love stories from our community…


Lizz, ModCloth’s Fashion Director, was teaching English in the Czech Republic during her junior year of college when she met her future husband. As fate would have it, Isaac was studying abroad, and they wound up at the same bar in Prague on the same night.

Read on to find out how Lizz and Isaac celebrated their love in Elysian Park of Los Angeles, during the fall of 2009…

Lizz & Isaac


All photos by Adam Irving.

What was your quest for “the dress” like?
I designed my dress to be like a ‘description’ of a wedding dress. It was hemp/silk charmeuse (with the shiny side in) with pockets, and an exposed back zipper and a “train” of raw ruffles at the back.

Any tips for picking the perfect dress? 
Be comfortable and pick something that makes you feel like yourself: if you are comfortable and confident you will look fantastic! I went short and have never regretted it. I might have worn a different dress if I had gotten married at a different time, but that’s part of what’s fun about looking back on moments and knowing how you were feeling and what you were into then.

Your wedding vibe, in one word:

Most fun or funniest moment of the day?  
The whole day was the most fun, but the funniest part of the day was probably when my brother went to run a quick errand before the wedding…with my dress in the car. So when people started arriving I was wearing clothes I wore to set up and had to get dressed in a park bathroom!


Food and drinks: What did you serve? 
Our friend Diep, who owns Good Girl Dinette in the Highland Park neighborhood of LA, catered our wedding with her amazing Vietnamese food: but she made a special version of her rice noodle salad for us. I think we were her first catering job and now she does a ton. At the time we were also using the waste vegetable oil from her restaurant to power our vintage Mercedes. We hired a bartender from our favorite bar at the time (The Mandrake) to serve beer and Trader Joe’s wine at the wedding (and the party was a free for all!). We got cupcakes from a restaurant in LA that will not be named — neither of us are cake people, but the cupcakes were really bad, though they still went fast.

What did you DIY vs. buy?

We DIY-ed almost everything. The fabric garlands hanging from the trees were made from scraps for a factory I worked with. The tablecloths were all vintage, and I hand-dyed them yellow, creme, and grey (later I had these made into quilts for our parents as a ‘thank you’ for helping with the wedding). I made the boutonnières, my veil, and the flower girls’ headpieces (yes, I put a bird on them — but it was 2009!). Our friends made all the name cards out of the birds and origami paper, and my parents came up with the table numbers (a piece of wood with the number written with a bird perched on it). We bought pears as edible table decor (and then donated them to the Midnight Mission), and we used a 1940s quilt as our Chuppah (the tapestry a jewish couple gets married under), which our siblings held.

One wedding detail that was singularly ‘you’?
In a Jewish wedding, the couple is given “blessings”, usually from family. I’m Jewish, but not religious, and my partner is Jewish and his family is religious. To make sure everyone felt comfortable (especially us!) we alternated having friends give us “good wishes” which varied from the heartfelt to the hilarious, and family on both sides offering the more traditional blessings. It was a nice way to involve a lot of people and kinda break down the barriers religious weddings sometimes have if you don’t know what’s going on.


Do you have a “song”? What is it?
We danced to Quasi’s “You Turn Me On”, which we had first danced to when we lived in Prague. It’s a song about being in love while being a real person in a real world, and it’s just funny we attached ourselves to that song when we were super young, without that many real world concerns. We’ve kinda grown into it. Isaac bought me that album on vinyl this year for my birthday.

How did you celebrate after the ceremony?

We had a party at the space we were sharing as our work studio. We invited more friends (so like 300 people total), got 20 pizzas, and filled our truck with ice, kegs, and cases of wine. Friends DJ-ed and we danced till 3.

Any tips for future newlyweds?

If you are on a budget, making specific decisions goes a long way (as opposed to just making budget decisions). For example, if you can only afford a limited bar: make a favorite cocktail, one type of wine, and one kind of beer. If you have a food budget, instead of getting the cheapest offering from a caterer, find an affordable restaurant you love. We got married in a beautiful public park, so we didn’t see the need for flowers since we were surrounded by nature. We asked our friends to help, because we’d had a great time at a wedding where we got to help out. It meant we could see everyone who was visiting, and friends from different places got to know each other on the big day. We hired a documentarian as our photographer [Adam Irving], and just had him shoot candids, so we have a lot of beautiful pictures of our friends. Oh, and pace yourselves: if you are really DIY-ing the whole thing, give yourself enough time… We were so tired by the time the wedding came around!

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