Get a ‘Tune-Up’: Two Playlists to Help Pass the Miles

Perhaps you’re legit planning a spring escape, or maybe you’re daydreaming of a far-off destination from behind your desk. Both are #relatable and both call for tuneage that’s carefully curated to fit the vibe of your wanderlust. Queue up these road trip playlists, get into gear, and go without even thinking of looking back!

Destination: Desert

This road trip playlist might not take you the entire way to Joshua Tree, but it’ll sure start you off with a chilled out vibe! Press play on this lyrical list of tunes, specially tailored to put you in that sunshine state of mind.

Destination: Downtown

Before the bright lights and big city come the ditties that get you backseat dancing like no passenger has grooved before! If New York nightlife requires training, you’ll be totally equipped to take on the scene by the end of this upbeat playlist.

+Pictured in our header image: (model on left) Classy Tassels Beaded Earrings, Sunrise Swim Bikini Halter Top; (model on right) Free to Glee Smocked Midi Dress, Two the Point Necklace.

+What jams will you be requesting during your turn behind the wheel?

About Christen

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and avid appreciator of soggy French fries. She finds inspiration in the veins of leaves, the subtle squeaks of guitar strings against their player's fingertips, the train-whistle soundtrack of city life, and the sweet quiet that can be found at farmers' markets.

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