Tasty Recipes So You Can Properly Enjoy Root Beer Float Day

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It’s Root Beer Float Day! This delicious concoction of ice cream and root beer is a sweet summer treat. Today, many restaurants are giving away drinks to honor it. If you’re not able to fill up at a local soda fountain, get adventurous with the following recipes we’ve gathered for root beer-flavored desserts.

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Make moist, frosted cupcakes infused with root beer-and-vanilla taste.


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This recipe wonderfully captures the creamy perfection of an ice cream-based float.


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Frosty and cool ice pops, with less than three ingredients, take float flavor to the next level.


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Birthdays bring cake, so celebrate Root Beer Float’s special occasion with this sugary goodness.


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So decadent.


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These cookies are pleasing to the eye and the palette.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a taste of root beer float?

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    Delicious!! Root bear great for warm months.This homemade root beer is great for a family cookout, birthday party or any special event.

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