Little Room, Big Style: Small Space Decorating Done Right

August is often a time for big moves: maybe you’re moving into a dorm room, or perhaps you just signed a lease on your very own apartment. Either way, decorating a smaller space can be challenging!

Not to worry — we have some top-notch tips that can help you transform a small space into a haute little haven. (Oh, and btw, if you’re a college student who’s decorating that dorm room, be sure to sign up for Unidays so you can nab you a cool 15% off student discount!)

Pillows Are Your Friend

Want to live in a bohemian dreamscape? Who doesn’t. One thing that is key to accomplishing this plush-yet-chill vibe is…? Yup, you guessed it — an abundance of pillows! Nab ’em in a variety of colors and textures, and place them along the wall beside your bed to create a couch-like lounge space that’s as rad as it is relaxing.

Get the Look:

Sofa, So Good Pillow $44.99
Crossword My Mind Pillow $44.99
Masterfully Natural Pillow $49.99
Rustic Revival Pillow $34.99

Curate Your Own Gallery

These powder rooms prove that more can be more in a very small space! Do not be afraid to adorn your walls to the max, fulfilling all your artistic fantasies. And forget that lame old rule about need to use the same colored frame for everything! These dazzling examples showcase a wide variety of frames, finishes, and objects — but because everything shares a similar ‘vintage’ look and feel, it totally works. This is the time to let your creativity shine, whether it’s in a bathroom or a dorm room!

Get the Look:

On Another Float Frame $24.99
Been Great Sightseeing You Print in Rocky - 16 x 20” $29.99
Top of the Tapestry Wall Decor $69.99
Skull It Like You See It Wall Decor $59.99

Go Green

No matter how small your space may be, it can benefit from some greenery. Plants instantly bring a little life to any abode! We adore small groupings planted in both unique planters, as well as cups, mugs, and other unconventional containers (see this post for more inspo!).

Get the Look:

Ex-Seeds All Expectations Planter in Small $14.99
Exemplary Contemporary Wall Vase Set in Rose Gold $29.99
Appeals to My Palette Tea Set $39.99
A Real Fox-er Upper Mug $14.99

Curtain Call

Curtains are not just for your windows! And tapestries are not just for your walls. Both can be used to create an enchanting, yet purposeful, privacy screen around a bed or nook area. Plus, they just look cool as heck.

Get the Look:

Throw Caution to the Window Curtain in Fuchsia $34.99
Isle Dream of View Tapestry $69.99
Zeal at Home Curtain $39.99
Drape It from the Top Curtain $34.99

+Last, but not least, don’t forget that if you’re a college student who’s decorating that dorm room, be sure to sign up for Unidays — which will nab you a cool 15% off student discount! Consider it our dorm-warming gift to you. 🙂

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