May the Force Be with You This Star Wars Day

Or … may the fourth be with you.

We love both puns and “Star Wars” here at ModCloth, so Star Wars Day (May the Fourth — now do you get it?) is right up our alley.  We’re also over the moon (or is that a space station?) about the cast announcement for Episode VII!

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The original cast is joining forces with new talent to bring us the long-awaited next chapter in the beloved space opera. While the prequels weren’t all we’d hoped for and I’d love to see more new female characters, I’m cautiously hopeful about the results. I’m curious to see what aspects from the expanded universe make it onto the screen, and I’m excited to see the rest of the story. Really, if Harrison Ford is showing up, you can be pretty sure that I’ll be there, even if it is a trap. (But I don’t have a bad feeling about this!)

The whole month of May is pretty special for Star Wars fans — Episodes I-VI all premiered in May, so Disney World celebrates by hosting special Star Wars Weekends throughout the month. While we wait for both the new movie and the official holiday events, check out this stellar concept art from the original trilogy by Ralph McQuarrie, then be sure to scope out our selection of “Star Wars” merch!

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  1. Christy 05/03/2014 at 5:52 am #

    I am watching ‘A New Hope’ right now and looking at ModCloth at the same time! Love it. X

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