DIY a Happy Holiday with Amina of Studio Mucci!

If anyone knows how to throw an amazing soiree, it’s Amina of Studio Mucci. She’s made a cottage industry out of crafting utterly unique streamers, pinatas, garlands… basically everything you need to make a party unforgettable! So when we wanted a fun DIY fit for the holidays, we called up Amina. Read on to learn how to make her crazy-cool confetti popper, and if you’re digging her rambunctiously remarkable style, check out Amina’s gift picks!

New Years Eve Iridescent Confetti Crackers
Every holiday season, I’m always looking for more ways to spread confetti and cheer. These cute little iridescent crackers are the perfect vehicle to add pops of confetti to your holiday festivities! They are so much fun to pop and super easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Tissue paper (or crepe paper)
Jellyfish sheets (iridescent cellophane) cut in 10×7 rectangles  (for iridescent look)
Perforator, rotary cuter or X-Acto knife
Clear tape
Cardboard tube or toilet paper roll
Cracker snap sticks  (You can get them here)
Ribbon or cord


Steps 1 & 2:
Create little confetti squares! Fold a few sheets of tissue paper in half, make fringe, and cut across to create confetti. Cut tissue paper and “jellyfish” into 10×7 inch rectangles.

Step 3:
Stack tissue on top of jellyfish. Find the center by folding them in half. You will need to perforate them in order to get a clean break when opening your cracker. If you don’t have a perforator, simply mark your sheet and create several small cuts (about a half inch apart) with a sharp blade.

Steps 4 and 5:

Cut the cardboard roll in half and place both pieces, side by side, on top of the jellyfish and tissue paper. Place the cracker snap stick inside of the roll and secure to the tissue paper with a small piece of tape.

Step 6:
Begin to roll the cardboard tube inside of the tissue paper and use two small pieces of tape to secure the edge of the paper to either side of the tube. Be careful not to tape horizontally! You don’t want to cover the perforation that you made earlier.

Steps 7 & 8:
Continue rolling until covered and fasten with tape. Tie a piece of ribbon or cord around one end to make a bow.

Step 9:
Fill with confetti!

Steps 10 & 11:

Tie a piece of cord or ribbon around the opposite end and make a bow. Trim paper evenly, and fluff the ends. Yay! Your iridescent cracker snap is complete!

To detonate, tightly grip each end and pull apart!

+What kind of DIYs would you like to see on our blog? Let us know, and don’t forget to check out Amina’s awesome gift picks here!

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