A Succulent Affair with Mini Arrangements

You don’t have to be blessed with a green thumb to own and care for succulents. These fleshy, softly colored plants don’t need much attention at all — just a bit of water every once in awhile and lots of sunlight. Plus, they look gorgeous in just about anything you put them in. For our mini succulent arrangements today, we’re repurposing our Side Dish the Details Bowl Set.


Care Tips for Your Succulent Arrangements:

  • Succulents love basking in the sun! Keep them on your porch or near a window so they can get at least six hours of sunlight every day.
  • Don’t give your succulents too much love. They only need a little bit of a water, and pull a lot of moisture out of the air versus sucking it up with their roots. Too much water can lead to root rot and the plants will die. Start by spritzing your plants with water once a week, then, as they mature, begin watering the soil about once every couple weeks. The soil should be completely dry before you water them again.
  • If you notice your succulents starting to grow, you can gently trim them back. Replant the new parts in another dish and soon enough you’ll have multiple generations!

How To Arrange Succulents:

You’ll need loose soil, rocks (decorative optional, but definitely regular rocks), planters, and a variety of succulents that require similar amounts of water/sunlight. Since our dishes were very small (2.5 inches in height, 4.25 inches in diameter), we chose very tiny plants sourced from a local urban garden.


Place a thin layer of rocks at the bottom of each dish. This will help with drainage and prevent root rot. Next, add dry, loose soil on top of the rocks. You can mix it with a little sand for better drainage, as well.


Gently pull your succulents from their plastic containers and break up the soil. Then, begin arranging however you desire. We recommend starting by planting one bigger succulent in each container and adding smaller succulents around it.






After you’ve finished arranging your succulents, place soil around them to help prop them up and fill in any holes.


Finally, if you want, you can top the soil with decorative rocks.



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+When it comes to succulents and spring plants, how does your garden grow?

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