Green & Gold All Over: Succulent Tablescape Inspo

succulent tablescape 1

How dreamy is the setting of our current wedding style story? This is the kinda of party that I definitely want to attend! Equal parts chill and lush, with mood-setting twinkle lights and an awesome array of greenery, this stunning set-up was ideal inspiration for the gorgeous green and gold succulent tablescape you see below. Read on to get the deets on how to recreate it for next soiree!

succulent tablescape 2

What We Used:
A variety of succulents and mini cacti
Ex-Seeds All Expectations Planter in Small
Ex-Seeds All Expectations Planter in Large
Gold Crush Plate Set
Take a Dine to It Plate Set
Law of Beverages Glass Set
Leaf the Fest to Me Table Runner
iny Twinklings String Lights

succulent tablescape 3

First things first: the table is your foundation, and to achieve a rustic-luxe look, you want to opt for a weathered wood tabletop. Next, the place settings! Vibrant gold-dipped plates pair with golden cutlery and Midas-touched glasses to work together in perfect glam harmony.

succulent tablescape 4

Now, on to the focal point of your tablescape: the centerpiece! Start by placing a variety of succulents and mini-cacti in your Ex-Seeds All Expectations Planters. You want to be sure to mix things up — you’re going for a variety of textures, heights, and hues to keep things visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

Once your plants are potted, remember decorating’s golden “rule of three”: always group things in odd numbers to keep ’em balanced. So, place three planters in the center of your table, then weave your string lights through the succulents and cacti and down the center of the table.

succulent tablescape 5Pictured: Rhapsody in Bloom Dress

Last, but not least, place your faux succulents on each plate. Voila! Your table is the epitome of casual-luxe-cool, setting the scene for one awesome dinner party, and making you a host extraordinaire.

+What kinda of tablescape are you planning for your next shindig?

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  1. Maddie kuiper 08/17/2016 at 2:11 pm #

    Hi where do you get the lovely green cactus pots for the succulents. thanks

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