Sunny Styles With Sam Ushiro!

Get Sam’s sunny look with the Truly Groovy Pullover Sweater and the Sailor Away Wide-Leg Pants.

For anyone that follows ModCloth, knows that we love to look on the bright side. And it doesn’t get much brighter than Sam Ushiro! An avid blogger and a verified ModCloth Style Icon, Sam is like a ray of sunshine come to life. Whether it’s through her vintage home decor ideas or DIY halloween costumes, Sam always brings the bright. In other words, she’s Sam-sational! Keep scrolling to ooh and ahh over her one-of-a-kind style and to read about her sunny disposition.

We love how your home reflects your personal style. Where do you find inspiration for home decor? Why is it important for your home to reflect how you dress?

I find inspiration by browsing Pinterest, looking at vintage 60’s and 70’s ads, and photos of homes from those eras. I also love visiting time capsule homes in places like Palm Springs. Being able to see all of the unique design elements really helps me get creative and figure out things we want to put in our own home!

I feel like people’s homes are a facet of their style and personality. Waking up in a space that fuels that creativity is something very important to me. When I am surrounded by decor and objects that make me happy and personify ME, I am able to find inspiration in every direction!

At ModCloth we love Halloween and dressing up. Now that we’re “Halfway to Halloween,” do you have any advice for creating your own DIY Halloween costumes?

I usually start out with an outfit (dress, shirt, pants, etc) and build onto that using unconventional materials. A lot of our costumes are born with just a slight alteration to clothing we already own. Starting with a base is really key – then we add things like pool noodles, felt, and balloons! Materials that are really accessible and easy to play around with and customize.

Get Sam’s sunny look with The Sonia One-Piece Swimsuit.
You’re a creative force! How do you come up with fresh, new content ideas? Where do you find inspiration? 

I typically search for inspiration in films and old magazines. Surrealist films have really helped me think beyond what is the norm, and come up with some really fun ideas for projects. I love that in Surrealism anything is possible, and that’s the same philosophy I take into our business as well.

Get Sam’s sunny look with the Charter School Cardigan, ModCloth x Princess Highway Tie-Neck Blouse, and the ModCloth x Collectif Good Golly A-Line Skirt.
Your feed bursts with color. Have you always gravitated towards vibrant hues and prints? Who is your biggest style icon? 

I’ve always been a big fan of bold colors and funky prints, and have always seen them as a way to express myself. There was a time in college when I wore all black (I know, shocker, right?!), but I’ve always come back to colorful clothing! I think my biggest style icon right now is Megan Draper. I’m almost done watching Mad Men for the first time ever, and she was introduced in the show at such a great time. I’ve been loving all of the 60’s pleated dresses she wears, and her laidback style heading into the 70s is just as amazing!

Check out Sam’s Instagram for more bright ideas!

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on 05/27/2020
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