The Graduation Gift Guide to Rule Them All

The classes of 2016 are readying their caps and gowns…are you prepped for pomp and circumstance with a gift that makes the grade?

Graduation season has indeed arrived, but there’s no need to cram to find the perfect present the night before the ceremony! We’ve rounded up a marvelous cheat-sheet for how to show some love to the bold and brilliant academics in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a STEM-field superstar or a wanderlusting linguist, we’ve got you covered. Study up!

The Biology Major

  1. Whether it’s used for sipping coffee during long nights in the lab or for staying hydrated while collecting specimens outdoors, our Put the Gears in Ocean Travel Bottle is perfect for any budding biologist.
  2. Does your favorite grad have a dissertation presentation on the horizon? Our Rad to the Bone Dress in Homo Sapiens will ensure they support their thesis in style!
  3. Better, Fossil, Stronger Earrings. Because, dinosaurs.
  4. After all their hard work, they deserve a drink. Toast to their accomplishments with the Pour-ganic Chemistry Tumbler!
  5. Graduation parties aren’t complete without thank-you notes — help ’em out with our Par Avian Notecard Set.

The Business Major

  1. Every office needs some greenery! Spruce up their future desk with our Ideas in Bloom Desk Organizer.
  2. Standing out at interviews is a cinch thanks to the Roving Reporter Dress in Jade.
  3. The Bright Ideas Notebook will keep their entrepreneurial ideas all in one place.
  4. Make every workday wonderful with the Artful Acknowledgment Sticky Note Set.
  5. Office-friendly fashion doesn’t have to be a bore! Our Fleur Often Than Not Collar Pin is equal parts posh and profesh.

The Education Major

  1. The first day of teaching calls for a fabulous outfit. Help them rule the classroom with confidence in our Pencil Me In Flats!
  2. Apples and adorable style come by the bushel in our Standing Cultivation Dress.
  3. Make your prezzie personal with the Memorable Dimension Single-Photo Frame.
  4. The Memo-saurus Desk Organizer. Because, dinosaurs!
  5. Kick-off their storytime book collection with Have a Little Pun: An Illustrated Play on Words.

The English Major

  1. Never enough journals! Their enlightened ideas will flow freely through the lined pages of our Moral Encompass Notebook.
  2. What better way to inspire creative fictional settings than by gifting the illustrated Unmatched Panache Dress in Coastal Village?
  3. Letter writing + literature references = <3. Watch them geek out over our Do Write Me a Postcard Set.
  4. The Force of Habitat Mug in Fox — a clever vessel for late-night writing sessions!
  5. Baby Got Book Tote. Self-explanatory.

The Film Major

  1. Inspire fond memories of the childhood movies that captured their heart with The Art of Disney Notecard Set.
  2. Lights, camera, ‘fashion’! Prep for their first premiere with the Enigmatic Transmission Dress.
  3. Gone With the Gin, because the only thing better than a celebratory cocktail is a celebratory cocktail inspired by Hollywood.
  4. Do we even need to explain the photographic perfection of our Pour and Shoot Mug?
  5. Quote Couture Earrings for the beloved film buffs who can’t go three sentences without making a movie reference.

The Language Major

  1. They’ve probably got a cross-continental flight to catch after the ceremony. Help them make their plane on time with the A Dial a Minute Watch!
  2. Traveling through Morocco? Student-teaching in Spain? The Miles Array Dress will earn them compliments from every corner of the globe.
  3. Nothing beats a chic carry-on. They’ll be jet-setting in style thanks to our Reap Just What You Stow Backpack.
  4. Their daydreams, doodles, and serious cases of wanderlust will all find a home on our chalkboard-inspired Globe Jotter.
  5. Our Mercator Hydrator Water Bottle will keep their thirst at bay wherever they roam!

The Awesomely Undecided

  1. No matter what their post-graduation plans may be, their future is bright! Keep that ever-inspiring sunshine outta their eyes with our Inner Light in Shining Armor Sunglasses.
  2. Finals just ended, so we’re guessing their running on about three hours of sleep. You Need More Sleep: Advice from Cats will lull them into some much-need rest and relaxation.
  3. Post-college jitters may occasionally abound. Our Everything is Going to Be OK Notecard Set will keep their head high and their positive vibes flowing.
  4. Our Why You’re So Awesome book. (See above explanation.)
  5. Last, but certainly not least: our Brilliant Resilience Hoop Art. Mark the beginning of their life’s exciting new chapter with an adage that will always inspire!

+What’s your ideal graduation gift?

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  1. Bryony 05/15/2016 at 9:12 pm #

    Where’s the love for the STEM fields?! As a female engineer who is a longtime ModCloth fan, I feel compelled to mention that you’ve got great stuff for us science nerds as well. How about adding “The Engineering Major” or “The Math Major” or “The Computer Science Major” to this list? Here are some products that might be A+ for these ladies:

    …and so many more!

    • Katie 05/15/2016 at 11:04 pm #

      Thank you so much for this link round-up, Bryony! I absolutely agree, and apologize for not including Engineering, Math, and Computer Science as one of our Grad Gift categories. Perhaps we can do a STEM-field feature in the future!

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