These Are a Few of My Favorite Pins

Guys — Thanksgiving is so close!¬†This time of year, my mind and my Pinterest focus mostly on one thing… delicious-looking recipes that I have every intention of making (okay, maybe not all in one day, but, ya know, eventually). Check out my current Pinspiration below, then share yours!

These Honey-Roasted Maple Carrots make root vegetables look downright indulgent.

I may not be a baker, but I sure can admire the artistry of pie topping.

A seasonal decor DIY that’s unexpectedly elegant and easy to execute? Sign me up.

Two words: Baked. Garlic. (With rosemary and blue cheese! Okay, that was seven words.)

Blistered green beans in a tomato-almond pesto? Heck yes. That onyx plate, though…

Pumpkin punch seems like the only cocktail choice for a truly festive gathering of friends and fam.

Last, but not least, a printable quote that couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year.

+What are you pining for on Pinterest right now?


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