Stylish Words of Wisdom from our Mothers

They held our hands when we cried over breakups, coached us when we needed motivation to finish AP English without intellectual scarring, and encouraged us to follow our dreams, regardless of the obstacles. Little did we know, secret, stylish tips were embedded in their every saying! Take a peek at this wisdom-inspired wishlist of mom-approved presents.

The craftier, the better: Sew Darn Cute and Seize the Dress Sewing Pattern in Chantilly.

Like sand through the hourglass: Splash of Color Clock, Time for Romance Necklace, and The Time is Right Watch.

Traditionally terrific: Meow for Measuring Cups and Bib Audrey Deco Dot Apron in Polka.

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Shop our Mother’s Day store, and don’t forget to give ‘er a hug from us here at ModCloth.

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