Top Notch Travel Tips from ModEmployees

Travel is one of ModEmployees’ favorite ways to spend our free time. Exploring new places, trying unexpectedly delicious cuisines, and simply being immersed in a different culture are some of the joys of life!

Of course, traveling also comes with its own set of challenges (nobody I know can say they truly adore a solid 14 hours on planes, trains, and automobiles). However, our savvy, stylish globe-trotting staffers have some terrific travel tips that will help make your next trip a little more comfortable. Check out their recommendations below, and then share yours with us in the comments!

travel tips jasmine

“Sometimes, dehydration can be confused for jet lag. You’ll be more energetic when you arrive at your destination if you’ve been sipping water all the way there!” -Christen

“Moisturize! I don’t like wearing makeup before boarding a long flight (5+ hrs) so I can let my skin breathe, but I do make sure to lather on a good moisturizer and also have a small bottle of handy face mist with me to spray on my face throughout the flight.” -Jasmine

“I love cotton as much as the next gal, but when traveling, I am all about a good poly-blend dress! Why? They do not wrinkle. The last thing you want to spend time on is ironing!” -Natalie

“Bring snacks in your carry-on. I always forget this, but get so jealous when my aisle mate pulls out a huge bag of snacks.” -Danielle

travel tips savannah

“Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at the airport once you get through security. This saves you from purchasing bottled water and lots of airports have fill up stations.” -Danielle

“If you’re someone who loves to pick up a souvenir you can wear almost everywhere you go, pack one or two less items in your bag so you have room to bring new items home.” -Christen

“Always keep a clean T-shirt and undies at the bottom of your suitcase. Nothing feels better than knowing you have something fresh to wear home after a long-haul trip!” -Savannah

travel tips christen

“Must-have: a money conversion app that doesn’t use data! Saved me when I was hopping from country to country. I liked the ‘How Much?’ app!” -Jasmine

“Always check in as early as you can (usually you can check in online 24 hours in advance) — if there are any open seats in business or first class available at that time, you can typically upgrade your seat for pennies on the dollar of what you’d have spent on a business or first class ticket!” -Natalie

“Be confident and humble. While an adventurous spirit is essential to world travel, being kind and open-hearted will get you EVERYWHERE.” -Savannah

+What your travel tips ‘n’ tricks?

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