Meander through Manchester with ModCommunity member, Sumeyye

Sumeyye has been wowing in our Style Gallery for quite some time. Her colorful outfits and vibrant landscapes always had us wondering – where in the world is this Style Gallery Star? We were so excited to learn that she’s in Manchester! In fact, she loves her hometown so much, she was more than willing to help us get a look around.

Manchester Travel Bug 1

There are so many historic sights and architecture to see in Manchester – which do you think is the most worthwhile? 

Manchester is so much more than its dreary weather; in fact, it’s a cultural hotspot! Since Manchester was the birth place of the industrial revolution, many remnants of the era have remained until today. You have mills, warehouses, and manors with gardens that are so vast they merge with the horizon. Some of my favorites have to be Dunham Massey, with its grand halls, gardens, and stables. For book lovers, John Ryland’s library and Elizabeth Gaskell’s home would be right up their alley with its gothic interiors and rows of bound books. For those who simply want to enjoy a picnic surrounded by idyllic architecture, Quarry Bank Mill and Tatton Park are your places to go! I could go on and on and on, alas I must stop or else I would be here all day!

Manchester has quite the music scene and history of popular artists. Is there something special about this city that you think makes it ripe for musical creativity? 

Most definitely! On every corner of Manchester Piccadilly you have people expressing their musical talents. We have such a wide repertoire of genres that vary from acoustic to beatboxing! The passers-by very much enjoy and appreciate the bands. We often find ourselves circling the performer, mesmerized by how talented they are!

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Tell us something we may not know about Manchester! What is the most surprising thing you learned upon moving there? 

A week ago I may not have been able to answer this question, because despite being a proud Manchurian, I had never set foot in the Northern Quarter! Stepping into the Northern Quarter is like stepping into an alternate universe, or going through a time warp. Now, its artsy cafés, quaint corners, and vintage shops feel like my second home! The Northern Quarter can be considered Manchester’s equivalent of New York. Fun fact: it was so similar in terms of its buildings and escape staircases, that parts of Captain America were shot here!

Where are some of your favorite places to grab a bite to eat? Is Manchester known for any sort of dish? 

There are many places to grab a bite to eat here in Manchester! For those of you who impatiently wait for December and all its holiday goodness, we have the German Christmas markets. Melted chocolate and heavenly pancakes can be smelled several streets away, and the grotto-shaped stalls illuminated with hundreds of fairy lights add a magical ambience to the whole experience! For the Asian cuisine lovers, you’re in luck — we have an entire curry mile so you’ll never have to go without a chicken curry again! If you just want some fast food, the Trafford centre has the most fairy-tale like food hall. The sky-themed ceiling are reminiscent of Hogwarts, and each fast food branch is hidden behind ornate Moroccan-themed windows, which makes a run-of-the-mill burger experience so much more thrilling.

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