Our Destination Documentary Winner!

We asked you to share your holiday snapshots with us for the chance to be an exclusive Travel Bug tour guide, and you took us around the world! Of all the destinations, there was one in particular though that stopped us in our tracks. Join us for a walk, sled, or snowboard-guided tour through Finland’s Levi area as our Destination Documentary Contest winner, Lauren shows us some of the magnificent sights there is to see! And hurry–there’s only two hours of natural light (in Finland) this time of year!

Why did you go to Finland and who did you go with?
“There were nine of us. Myself, my husband, and seven other Aussie and Kiwi friends. We were all so far from home and our families at Christmas that we wanted to do something memorable instead of being sad and homesick. Lapland seemed about as Christmas-y of a place as we could possibly visit, and also just about the furthest we could get from a hot, Southern Hemisphere holiday!”

“After our break in the ice cottage, we kept snowshoeing through this forest of ‘snow ghosts’ (trees which are covered in snow and take on various shapes)–we spotted elephants, Jane Austen characters, a rocking horse…the moon was so bright that it lit the forest and made it seem enchanted. It truly felt like we were walking through Narnia!”

Did you notice any Finnish fashions that stood out?
“With temperatures plummeting as low as -17 degrees F, the ‘fashion’ was thermals and ski attire for the most part! The women in Helsinki (where it’s much warmer) managed to look glamorous and warm, which was impressive. We noticed that everyone had what looked like a Christmas decoration pinned to their coats, which we later discovered was a reflector so they could be seen during the dark winter months… definitely cuter than a fluorescent vest!”

“With the temperatures dropping as low as -16 C, there wasn’t much room for cute attire–this is me, all rugged up in my layers of thermals, sweaters, and waterproof snow gear, ready to snowboard the slopes of Levi.”

“Daylight is rare during a Lappish winter; with about two hours a day of natural light, the sky is either brushed with vivid colours of sunrise or sunset, or a deep, atmospheric blue. This day, the whole valley was shrouded in mist; the only thing to see for miles was a nearby mountain, lit for skiing.”

Any other information or recommendations of things that didn’t get photographed?
“Being in Finland at Christmas was magical, as there were quaint and crafty Christmas markets in little huts everywhere we went, which are well worth a visit. I’d also recommend trying glögi (a warm, spiced juice) to keep warm!”

Where’s your hometown, and what do you do?
“I grew up in Adelaide, Australia and I’m now living in London, England. I work a 9-5 job as a PA and after work I write on my blog, ‘a bird in the hand‘,  where I share my three loves of food, fashion, and travel!”

We’ve reached our destination! Stand by as we arrange our next Travel Bug tour. And in the meantime, tell us about all of the lovely places you traveled to this holiday season!

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