Pittsburgh from a Pooch’s P.O.V.

Pittsburgh_Travel_Bug_1My dog, Toby, is a dog about town. When he heard that the last stop for the summer ModCloth IRL tour was right here in Pittsburgh and we needed some help with our Travel Bug series, he was happy to step up and lend a paw (or four)! Walk around the ‘Burgh in the dog days of summer with ModDog, Toby. 

First things first: What is your go-to summertime hot spot? 

My human and I live on the North Side of Pittsburgh, so we love hanging out there. We like to grab some locally made Gilligan’s Sorbet at the Allegheny City Market and head over to West Park — smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood. You can see the city skyline from Lake Elizabeth, and it’s a great place for me to dip my paws and cool off! Also, there’s a great dog park there where I get to make all sorts of friends. My human says it’s a historic park dating back to when the North Side was called Allegheny City. All I know is the smells and sights are the best!


Sometimes, we walk a bit further through the park and land in Allegheny Center. Here, you can find some offices, apartments, and most notably, the National Aviary and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. I’m not allowed in either, but I hear they’re both pretty great. In fact, the Aviary recently welcomed a baby sloth! I typically hang out outside in the misty sticks and make friends with the kids cooling off in this watery attraction. Sometimes, food trucks pull up, and there’s so much for me to sniff!

What is something that makes Pittsburgh truly unique? 

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Pittsburgh has A LOT of bridges. I’ve heard that Pittsburgh boasts the second largest number of bridges in the world, right behind Venice, Italy! Each one is different in design, and nearly all of them are yellow. However, there are three bridges that are nearly exactly the same: The Roberto Clemente Bridge, the Rachel Carson Bridge, and the Andy Warhol Bridge. They’re lovingly referred to as the “sister bridges.” They’re right next to each other on the Allegheny River, they unite the North Side with downtown, and all three are named after famous Pittsburghers! We walk across them any time my human and I are headed downtown.

Does Pittsburgh have any unique food? What’s your fave place to eat?

Since I’m still not allowed inside most restaurants, I like places that have a lot of outdoor space to maximize my chances of picking up scraps. The best place for that is Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh. There are a TON of eateries, and nearly all of them have outdoor seating. It’s also home to one of Pittsburgh’s most famous places: Primanti Brothers. Their signature sandwich has fries and coleslaw on it! My human says this is because they used to make sandwiches and put the sides on it for the steelworkers. This way, they could eat with one hand and continue to work. Whatever the reason behind how this sandwich came about, it is undeniably delicious! You can also stop and let the kiddos play in an outdoor fountain in PPG Place next door. It’s surrounded by reflective glass and definitely the perfect place for a photo-op.

What’s a Pittsburgh’s must-see? Is there anything that we absolutely cannot miss? 

Honestly, you have to hang out near the rivers. Pittsburgh is truly a unique city in that there are three rivers: the Monongahela, the Allegheny, and the Ohio. The Allegheny and “the Mon” come together to make the Ohio, and you can see all of this at Point State Park.


There’s a fountain at the end of Point State Park, aka the “Golden Triangle” where all three rivers converge. Boats, kayaks, and paddleboards speckle the water, and you can see and hear anything going on at the stadiums nearby. You can even rent a kayak and bring your own pooch along. Over the summer, the Point hosts the Three Rivers Arts Festival and the EQT Three Rivers Regatta. Both events are so much fun and brings thousands of people (and pups) to the point!


+What would your pup recommend we see in your city? Let us know in the comments!

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Bridget is a canine-loving, This-American-Life-listening, t-shirt-and-jeans-casual connoisseur. She likes rediscovering her city as much as she enjoys visiting a new one, and would love to discuss with you why her dog, Toby, is smarter than yours.

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