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It’s no secret that we adore Austin. In fact, we decided to kick-off our IRL tour with some help from our Community! Rachel, of Rachel Lately, not only helped to welcome ModCloth to Austin, but also shared some insider tips of how to enjoy the city to the fullest. From great eats to the great outdoors, this Style Gallery star has us covered.  Read on to review Rachel’s recommendations!

Austin is known for being awesomely odd! How do you help to keep Austin weird? What sort of outfit inspiration can you pull from the city?

To me, what keeps Austin “weird” is what also keeps us unique. And not just in a fashion sense! We have so many businesses that only reside here in Austin, which makes us less “corporate”, if that makes sense. It’s come to the point where I continue to choose my local coffee shop over Starbucks, even though I’m spending more money. I think it’s super important to support small businesses, because they are what keep Austin true to its character, which so many people have come to admire. So I may not have any cool tattoos or crazy-colored hair, but I try to keep Austin weird by supporting my fellow Austinites who work so hard to make this city what it is.

As for outfit inspiration, I have embraced suede and fringe with open arms thanks to the people here, as well as mixing new with old by thrifting vintage pieces. I try to remain true to my own personal style, which is a little more fun and feminine, while still incorporating Austin trends (like my fringe cardigan!). I have yet to invest in a pair of cowboy boots though. Baby steps. 😉


Admittedly, we live for food! If we had to only have three meals while visiting Austin where and what would they be?

Oh wow, that’s a tough one. Here’s what I would do: start out the day by going to the food trailer park off Barton Springs Road near central Austin where my latest obsession resides — a food truck called Brunch Haus. I love everything they have, but their Stuffed French Toast is something spectacular. The cool thing is that they are located right by our popular Zilker Park, so you can walk down there afterwards to check out the views. Everyone knows you haven’t truly “done Austin” until you’ve eaten the tacos here, so for lunch, you should head over to Tacodeli (which has multiple locations around the city). Get their El Conquistador and Tikin Xic tacos along with a Mexican Coke; you won’t regret it. And what better way to end the day than with happy hour chilanga margaritas complete with a lovely patio view at El Alma, which is just south of the river. You can’t really go wrong with anything there, but my personal favorite is their duck enchiladas. So you got a food truck experience, tacos, margaritas, and proper Tex-Mex. It’s the perfect day!


What is Austin’s best kept secret that may be off the beaten path for visitors?

I am all about spending my free time outdoors as much as possible since the weather in Austin is so perfect. The Colorado river that runs through the city is where people usually go to enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding, but sometimes I love to head over to the south-central—and less crowded—part of town to explore the Greenbelt. The Barton Creek Greenbelt contains about 13 miles of scenic trails, with the main trail spanning about 7 miles. This particular greenbelt is considered one of the top hiking trails in Texas! But it’s not just for hiking; many Austinites like to go to the Greenbelt for it’s mountain biking trails and even bluffs for rock climbing. When there’s enough water in the creek, there are several swimming holes locals like to enjoy. That’s usually where you’ll find me on a hot day. And the best part? It’s free!


Austin also has an awesome music scene. Where is your favorite place to see a band? Any local bands that we should keep an eye on?

You can’t go wrong with Stubbs; their outdoor stage is perfect for a live show! Plus, it’s right downtown, so you can keep the party going after the show if you want at the countless bars nearby. I also like The Parish for more intimate performances where you can usually meet the artists after the show. I’ve been going out to see a lot more local bands lately! Some bands I’ve really been digging are Moving Panoramas, Shivery Shakes, Young Tongue, The Avocados, Thieves, The NightOwls, Modern Medicine, The Eastern Sea, and Cowboy Diplomacy. White Denim is an Austin-based band that has really been gaining a lot of attention recently too! There are just too many to name. You can see a good show any day of the week; that’s why they call us the Live Music Capital of the World! 🙂


+ If ModCloth came to your hometown IRL what would be our must-sees? Let us know in the comments!


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