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Kim’s beautiful pictures caught our eye in the Style Gallery and we were not so surprised to learn that this lovely lady is a photographer. Recently transplanted from Vancouver to Seattle, she gave us a tour of her newly adopted hometown and helped us get aquatinted with this Pacific Northwest city. Grab a cup of your fave Seattle brand of coffee, turn on some ’90s grunge, and soak in Seattle. 

Since moving to Seattle, what is one local eatery or coffee shop that you continually find yourself going back to? What do you love about that place?
I have two that I tend to frequent. If I’m downtown Seattle, I can always count on Storyville. I’m an introvert at heart, and while I do love getting lost in the busyness of the city, if I’m downtown for too long, I find myself needing a little “recharge” time. Storyville by Pike’s Market is my go-to. While it’s generally pretty busy, it feels so cozy and quaint there. It’s a great place to put on headphones and curl up on a couch, or read a book. They also serve chocolate cake on the house at random times of the day, so that’s always a win. As for a bakery, Bakery Nouveau is the bees knees for breakfast pastries, macarons, or even a sandwich. The line up to get in will be long, but it is entirely worth it, I promise!

What is one tourist attraction in Seattle that is totally worth the hype?

This one may be a little unknown compared to some of the typical tourist attractions here, but Seattle’s Volunteer Park Conservatory is a dream. It’s another quiet escape (from noise or maybe rain!) and a place I can find myself circling for hours. Plus, I’m one of the rare few who enjoys humidity so you’ll most likely find me in the warm tropical room. While you’re at it, the Seattle Asian Art Museum is just a few steps away, and definitely worth a visit.

Which neighborhood is the best to get a bite to eat? What would you recommend having to try during our stay?
There is tons of incredible food in Capitol Hill and Ballard, but honestly, you can find amazing food anywhere in Seattle. Seattle is a huge “foodie” city, which is one of the things I love about it. Ask any local and they’ll immediately recommend half a dozen spots, but as someone who practically lives off of sushi, you’ll most likely find me at Umi Sake House. They have a back side room that, coincidentally, reminds me a lot of the Conservatory, so make sure you can get a seat back there. The “Crunchy Seattle” roll is where it’s at, and they have happy hour, too. If you don’t like sushi, fear not, you can also check out Ba Bar, Plum Bistro (vegan!), Stateside or Tallulah’s.

If you had to describe the vibe in Seattle in three words what would they be?
Diverse, creative and chill.

But honestly, Seattle is so much more. I think people think of Seattle as this rainy, gray place. Whilst it definitely rains a lot here, my goal has been to find the color in the city, and gosh is this city ever colorful. There is so much Seattle has to offer, but I love that it doesn’t scream it in your face. It takes time to fully understand the beauty of the city, which I think is part of what makes it so special.

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We’re all about getting outside (it’s summertime, after all) – where would you recommend us going to spend a day outdoors?
I’m a bit afraid to say this because I don’t want it to become too popular and change, but Alki Beach is seriously unreal. You can rent kayaks, bicycles, eat ice cream, and grab a burger. If you think Alki is too far from downtown Seattle with traffic, simply hop on the water taxi and you’ll be there in less than 20 minutes. Another great spot a little outside of the city is Rattlesnake Lake. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and need a good workout, hike past the lake to the ridge and get the view of a lifetime.

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+ What would you want to see in Seattle? Let us know in the comments!


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