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Do you ever dream of dropping the 9-to-5 and working while wandering? Between connecting to coffee shop wi-fi and connecting with nature, Amy and Nathan of Two Drifters seem to be living the dream. And lately, we can’t get enough of this traveling twosome. Their Instagram is full of enviable snaps and snippets from their life trekking the globe, and we needed to know more! Luckily, while relaxing on their honeymoon, Amy was able to answer a few questions. Get lost in their world as Amy gives it to us straight about traveling and working as a couple on-the-go.

Pictured: Sweet Sips DressPictured: Sweet Sips Dress

Your blog is super-unique in that you paint a very honest portrait with your readers about traveling, your relationship and sometimes (gasp) even politics! What inspires you to be so transparent with your followers about not only all the fun you experience, but also the fatigue?  

That’s an awesome observation, and I’m glad my honesty comes across. For me, it’s actually not that tough to open up. I’m a natural Extrovert (an ENFP!) and I love sharing my experiences and my emotions. If anything, perhaps I overshare at times! I’m not very private and I have no problem talking about both the ups and downs of travel, or sharing my anxieties and even insecurities! I love to share the beautiful moments on Instagram, but I like to showcase what is behind the image, too. Not enough authenticity happens in the world, particularly not online, and I find people connect far more with the “real things”, with the nitty gritty, etc. I love knowing that maybe by sharing the trials and tribulations, too, I can help someone feel better about something, feel less alone, or maybe give them the push they need to boost their confidence and just head out and travel…or pursue another dream.

As far as travel and blogging, too, both Nathan and I think it’s important that the blog is real and relatable. Working online, as both of us do as freelancers, is a unique but doable option for others. So we try to share the ways we’ve made our nomadic lifestyle work. We love having the freedom to travel. Far too many travel blogs out there are touting the mantra “quit your job and travel!” Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Simultaneously, we want to encourage people to consider the unusual path in life, but show them that it’s not a quick solution or that no work is required. In fact, MUCH work is required!

How would you describe your traveling style? Do you spend a lot of time perfectly planning your trips or do you go where the wind takes you?

I’d love to say we’re spontaneous and “drift” where the wind takes us, and in some ways we do, but our travels are definitely built more on planning. Our travel style is “slow travel” generally. Our trips have taken us far and wide, but we tend to stay in one place or region for an extended period of time, working as we go. We think this is the best way to travel affordably. In 2014, for example, we obtained Working Holiday Visas to go to Australia. We spent 7 months there, traveling around the country in a campervan we bought. We drove over 5,000 miles through the Outback, up the spectacular west coast, and over to Melbourne and finally Sydney. We definitely couldn’t have seen all we’d seen if we had only spent a week or two there. It’s a massive country.We also saved for 6+ months before going to Australia, and lived quite frugally beforehand. Travel tends to revolve around money for us at this point in our lives, and currently we’re planning our next travels based on where we might stay relatively cheaply. Hint: Southeast Asia and parts of South America fit the bill!

Pictured: Cheerful Spirit Dress in BlackPictured: Cheerful Spirit Dress in Black

I LOVE planning and researching for a trip. That may be my favorite part of the whole process. But I never strive for perfection or attempt to nail down an exact itinerary. In fact, I love to just touch down in a place and start wandering. I trust my travel instincts. Generally, I research using other travel blogs to get ideas, and then have a basic idea of what we want to see, do, and eat. Our travels generally revolve around seeing (and photographing) gorgeous landscapes, hiking, viewing wildlife, visiting historical points of interest, and finding great coffee shops (with WI-FI of course!). We love to eat, but we aren’t really “foodies”. We will splurge on a good, local meal now and again, but we generally save our pennies for lattes and for other travel expenses. We don’t mind eating cheaply, which helps extend our travel budget, for sure.


If you had to describe a must-see from all of your travels where would that place be and what makes it so amazing?

Scotland. There’s so much I could say about Scotland. First, it was where Nathan and I met. In October 2011, we were both traveling separately, and kind of randomly ended up in Edinburgh Scotland. We both selected the Belford Hostel based on it’s cheap price (LOL) and the fact that it was built out of a converted old church, complete with stained glass. Serendipitously we ended up in the same dorm room. Nathan said “Hi” to me and my travel mate, and well…the rest is history!

So Scotland holds a special place in our hearts for that reason, but it is also an incredible place. Edinburgh is filled with history and has that romantic, beautiful allure I always expected the UK to have growing up. The highlands are gorgeous and feel so ancient and untouched. The rainy gray aspect of Scotland, the warm, cozy pubs, the delicious haggis and fish and chips….I could go on. Scotland is gorgeous and fun and just calls to me, to both of us, in countless ways. I ended up returning to Scotland after we met and studied at the University of Stirling for my Master’s in English from 2012-2013. Scotland is like a second home to me now.


Where that you’ve gone have you experienced the greatest culture shock? What experience caused you to feel so out of place?

This hasn’t happened to me that much yet. Although Nathan has traveled to Morocco, India, and Thailand, I myself have not yet been to what you’d consider a “non-western” country. So, culture shock hasn’t transpired because nothing has been culturally that different. I suppose the Australian outback was the most unexpectedly unique place I’d been. There’s not only the Aboriginal culture out there, which is very special and fascinating, but also the hearty self-reliance of everyone that lives out there. It is such a huge, remote place…some parts are truly a wilderness. We drove on the “busy” main highway down through Australia’s “Red Centre” and even there we saw far more cows and kangaroos than people. Although maybe not culturally that different than our own lives in the States, seeing the Australian outback gave me a new appreciation for those who live in a remote area and manage their lives so effectively and individually. It made me recognize my own dependence on amenities and utilities and made me feel grateful for the ease with which I can find a store or get to a doctor back in my hometown. In outback Australia, however, the lack of conveniences is made up for a thousandfold in the abundance of wildlife, vastness of the starry skies, and the feeling of peace and connection to the land.


+ Could you pack up and be a full-time traveler? Let us know your dream plans in the comments!


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    Amy (Two Drifters) 05/10/2016 at 12:15 pm #

    Love it! Thank you so much for sharing our story! 🙂

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    It’s honestly my dream to be a globe-trotter! I just don’t know how and where to start. 🙁

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      Amy (Two Drifters) 05/18/2016 at 11:05 am #

      Hi Hailey! I hope you’ll come check out our blog! We have some posts on traveling cheaply and finding budget accommodation, etc. You can also message me with any travel questions, and I’ll try to help out 🙂 x Amy

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    Oh and awesome article! What an amazing life to lead, and with your S/O at that.

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    My Honey and I are currently in the process of buying an RV, selling our posessions, and heading out onto the open road. Planning to leave early fall from Wisconsin and head south. So exicted for our years of adventuring together.

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      Amy (Two Drifters) 05/18/2016 at 11:05 am #

      That sounds so fantastic!! We really want to do a US roadtrip at some point. Maybe with a doggie! Lol 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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