Vintage View: Italy in ‘Amore’ Lovely Light

All photos by Gina Lollobrigida, courtesy of McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1974.

Our latest stylebook, Summer in Focus, is all about hitting the open road, traveling to exciting places, and capturing fond memories. Let us go then, you and I, and embark on a time-traveling trip to Italy in the 1970s. Pack your imagination!

Legendary Italian screen siren Gina Lollobrigida is a multi-talented artist beyond the stage and screen. Her photography has been featured in dozens of magazines worldwide, including Time and Life. In her book, Italia Mia (McGraw-Hill Inc., 1974), she traveled across Italy (disguised as a tourist) in the early 1970s for three years, capturing life through her lens.




My grandmother owned this book, which I uncovered on my last visit home. I was immediately enamored with the character of the country (and the characters within it) that Lollobrigida snapped. From famed designer Valentino in his lavish home to a teenager scooting by on an over-packed Vespa, she showed many sides of her native land.

Vintage Italy from the 1970s



Where (and when) shall we go next?

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