We Are Completely Dazzled by These Watercolor Paintings

Image via Colossal

Karina Eibatova‘s richly colored depictions of raw minerals are wrought from watercolor paints, and oh my! How they dazzle! Our eyes can’t get enough of the Mineral Admiration collection, which looks good enough to eat.

The purples, blues, and pinks prominent in the Mineral series are highlighted with precise points of opaque white light on sharp angles. You can almost feel a personality conveyed in each crystal portrait.

Image via Colossal

Image via Tumblr

The Russian-born Eibatova, also known as Eika, has an impressive design and illustration portfolio that includes work for clients like The New York Times, Atlantic Records, and Nylon.

Eika states she draws only “organic objects, landscapes, and the Universe” to express her love of nature.

Image via Colossal

If you want to bring a piece of affordable geometric art into your home, Mineral Admiration prints of the original watercolor paintings are available.

Tell us, what are your thoughts on Eika’s minerals?

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  1. Abigail 10/06/2014 at 11:14 am #

    Gasp! These are gorgeous — such amazing detail and the colors glow.

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