Meet Our Latest #MarriedinModCloth Couple, Nikki and Suzy

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We’ve always been a tad wedding-obsessed here at ModCloth, so naturally when we spy a gorgeous wedding day photo, we can’t wait to share it. Today we are highlighting happy couple Nikki and Suzanne, who got hitched in sunny Southern California. Below, Nikki, who’s wearing the Gilded Grace dress, shares a bit of insight on what made her day so special.  

Read what she has to say below, and be sure to submit your #MarriedInModCloth pics and story for your chance to be featured.


Newlyweds: Nikki is a receptionist, Suzanne is a Project Manager.

How did you meet? We met online and dated long-distance for the first nine months.

Where did you get married? The Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles California.


Tell us about what you’re wearing:

I wanted my dress to have a vintage feel but not be plain white. The dress that I wore sold out months before my wedding. I was pretty heartbroken. I ordered three other dresses and returned them. I thought all hope for the perfect dress was lost until I received an email saying my dress was back in stock. I ordered it right away and it fit perfectly.

Most memorable moment from the big day:
We had a small ceremony overlooking the city. There were tons of tourists watching and at the end they all cheered. It was pretty amazing to feel all the love they were sharing with us. There was another moment where Suzy was talking to the officiant and I was posing for pictures where I looked up and thought “She is so beautiful, I get to spend forever with her.”

Any shopping tips to pass along for those who still haven’t said “yes!” to a dress?
Don’t let anyone else’s idea of what you should wear affect what you wear. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful.


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  1. Lauren Cox 08/06/2014 at 11:32 am #

    So cute 🙂 love them

    • mod customer 08/07/2014 at 5:37 pm #

      Agree–adorable couple. Hope they have many happy years together.

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