13 Reasons Why We Love The Original ‘Freaky Friday’

Freaky Friday 2

So, today is Friday the 13th. Tonight there will be a full moon. And good old Mercury is currently chilling out in retrograde. Let’s just say this day was doomed from the start. While it was tempting to take a good, hard look at horror classic “Friday the 13th,” that didn’t feel very “ModCloth” to me, but you know what does? The original “Freaky Friday” from 1976. Just take a look at the stills from the opening credits above — adorable right?

Starring Barbara Harris as Mrs. Andrews and Jodie Foster as her daughter Annabel, Freaky Friday is a classic tale of the ol’ “body switcheroo.” Like so many mothers and daughters, the two constantly feel at odds with each other, each believing that the other leads a far less complicated life. Then one day (just so happens to be Friday the 13th), they have an argument and they each secretly make a wish to live the “simple” life of the other.

Freaky Friday 3

Can you guess what happens next? Hilarity ensues. Like most wishes, the outcome is not exactly what they bargained for, and Mrs. Harris and Annabel find themselves inhabiting each others bodies. Whoops. Now, the two must cope with the reality of the lives they wished for: Annabel must learn to do household tasks (including a disastrous load of laundry) and plan for a big party, and Mrs. Harris has to contend with going to school and playing in Annabel’s field hockey championship, all while trying to figure out how to get back to their own bodies. Kind of makes Mercury in retrograde seem like a piece of cake.

Freaky Friday 4

The original “Freaky Friday” is a lot of fun, but also deals with the generational gaps so many of us experience at least sometime in our lives. Ever wish you could go back to being a teenager? Watching Mrs. Harris awkwardly flirt with Annabel’s love interest will promptly put an end to that. And those of us who thought their parents had it easy will give a knowing nod to Annabel’s realization that her mom’s life isn’t as glamorous as she previously believed.

Deep thoughts aside, this film also boasts some spectacular examples of mid-70s style. From the matching velour fuchsia pantsuit worn by Mrs. Harris, to the flared jeans and candy-striped tops worn by Annabel, “Freaky Friday”‘s fashion is chock-full of sartorial inspiration.


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  1. Natalie (@NatflixandBooks) 06/13/2014 at 2:27 pm #

    This was a bit before my time. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever seen it, but I don’t think I have. I’ve also never seen the Lindsay Lohan redo which a bit after my time. I’m usually more a fan of the originals, so I’ll have to check it out sometime. Great post!

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